Honda set to make an unveil of their sporty Civic Si on YouTube on April 6th!


Honda’s Civic model is, as you probably know, already on sale, and we also have seen the production ready gem that is Type R, but there is one more piece to complete the puzzle. That piece is the Si model which will be put in its place this week.

Apparently, the company decided to unveil their 2017 Honda Civic Si on Thursday, April 6th at 11 a.m. Eastern time, and it is supposed to be unveiled at Honda’s YouTube channel. Everybody interested will be able to see the new Si standing still in all its beauty, but that is not all. As a bonus, and to break the monotony of videos like this, Japanese car maker will also showcase the Si’s track capabilities. Hooray!

This is the first view of the Si’s production body which will be a great thing because so far all we saw was the Civic Si Prototype which was basically a concept that showed this model in coupe form. The fact is that, just like with the Civic Type R Prototype that came before it, we won’t see many things changed between the concept and the production version, but there is a sedan variant of the Si that just might surprise us all. In just two days from now, we will see how big the surprise will it be.


While the outside look of the new Si is relatively known, the engine specifications are still covered with a veil of secrecy. All we know is that it will be using a version of the 1.5 L turbocharged straight four which came from the base Civic. The output is unknown because it will be tuned and adjusted for the Si, but an accidental leak that recently happened told us that the torque figure will be 192 pound-feet, higher than in the regular version. As for the transmission, you all know that previous versions of the Si carried only manual and so far it is unknown whether the company will decide to offer CVT as an option or not.

As it was always, the Civic Si will be the most powerful Civic sedan and coupe, but if you want the same but in hatchback form, then you have to steer towards the iconic Type R which makes use of the 2.0 L engine and its 306 HP. Both of these versions should be for sale by the end of this year, and we believe that Honda will also showcase the new Si at the New York Auto Show which is just next week.