Blue Mountain Season 4 – News & Updates


Blue Mountain, the American comedy series which debuted in January 2011, might have its Season 4. It is still to be announced, but its numerous fans are hoping for the positive outcome. With its interesting plot, this hit show immediately attracted a large number of viewers who have been missing it ever since it finished.

Rumor has it that Blue Mountain Season 4 is not to be released yet since its production company has other things in mind. Namely, it seems that the production unit has focused on making a film of the famous series.

The campaign advocating the return of the fourth season caught on so much around the world that it collected an enormous amount of 1.5 million USD. At that time, in May 2014, to be precise, the announcement on making the film was made. The movie named The Rise of Thailand is being made with a budget of 1.9 million USD.


As you already know, this popular series was very much alike the blockbuster American Pie. Nonetheless, the series received a lot of bad reviews. Some critics termed it as a “Crude Comedy,” whereas reviewers rated it as 74%, Metacritic 38%, gave 8.8/10 ratings and IMDb 8.4/10 points. The last season of Blue Mountain reached a figure of 1.34 million viewers.

As we have found out, there is still a great dilemma whether or not there will be Blue Mountain Season 4 at all. It seems that its fans have been signing a petition on the renewal of the series. As a matter of fact, they even approached Netflix. They are famous for always picking up the highest watched TV Shows for renewals and named its IMDb rating of 8.4/10 as a reason satisfying enough to get a sequel. Therefore, it seems it is completely up to Netflix or some other production unit to decide whether we’ll have an opportunity to see Blue Mountain Season 4 or not.