6 Reasons Why Hosting is Important for Your Business Marketing


Leading a successful business these days is almost impossible without having a website. It doesn’t mean that you can’t implement your strategies without it, but having an attractive webpage will make this process much easier and efficient. Certainly, there are numerous reasons why you’d want this addition for your business, but one of the most important ones is for the purpose of marketing. A cleverly designed webpage can help new customers find you, it can provide them with information on why they should choose you before your competition, and can also help increase awareness of your brand.

So, when you decide it’s time for your first business web place, you might face numerous decisions to make –  from design, site navigation and content to the search engine optimization work. Any investment in this aspect is definitely a smart decision and if you do things right, it’s almost always worth it – and especially for the purpose of promotion of your business.

However, many marketing managers often neglect the importance of web hosting, while it should be on the top of the list of priorities. It should always be considered as one of the tasks that will lead you to more prosperous moments and make your plans and strategies flourish. Having reliable web hosting is also crucial for having the best possible online presence and it’s essential when it comes to good online trafficking and getting a lot of online conversions.

You might haven’t thought about this, or you might simply not be sure how it can be related to your business marketing.  This is why we have provided you with some valuable answers below.

What is web hosting?


Before explaining the importance of this aspect for the successful promotion of what you’re doing, it would be good to explain the term. To put it simply, it’s a space where all the files from a website are stored and without which our virtual place can’t function. In order to obtain it, you need to pay a certain amount of cash, preferably to a company with a great reputation.

Now when we have defined what hosting is, it’s time to look at five good reasons why having it is crucial for the development of your entrepreneurship.

1. Protecting your SEO


One of the most important goals of every business webpage is to appear on the first page of Google search. It isn’t an easy task, though. Every major search engine looks for site speed as a crucial element for ranking it. Google, for instance, values a page with less than two seconds, and if your website is slower than that, Google will rank it lower than some other websites which are performing faster. This might pretty much harm your online marketing strategy.

A proper web hosting will ensure that all the large files (such as videos) are stored well on a proper server, which would then prevent them from affecting the optimized site speed. Without it, a web page would take forever to start and this might make it quite difficult to find on a search engine index, and eventually, it could become irrelevant. For example, all who click here will be able to have a look at a perfect example of great strategies on how to boost and protect SEO rankings.

2. Less downtime


Downtime is a period during which your page may not be visible to its visitors. This time may vary from a few seconds to a couple of hours. This means that while your virtual place is unavailable or down, potential clients won’t be able to check out your products or services. If you’re running e-commerce or an online store, this could damage your business to an even larger scale, preventing potential buyers to purchase anything from you and decreasing your incomes.

Selecting a reliable host can help minimize these risks, with almost zero chances for you to experience some serious downtime. Most reputed providers offer a 99,9% uptime guarantee for all clients, ensuring your site is protected from any major lapses due to increased page views or traffic.

3. Reliability and speed for mobile use

We all know that the major share of internet traffic is running through mobile devices, as people enjoy the commodity of browsing easily with a couple of finger taps. With this, however,  there comes the risk of slow mobile or WI-FI networks which could lead to a never-ending loading. Users will find pages like these difficult to handle and will eventually leave if they don’t find what they’re looking for in a couple of seconds.

A good hosting provider will foresee this, and prevent it from happening, which will help your content load lightning-fast and thus stay relevant to potential customers.


4. Better security and protection

Probably one of your biggest concerns when it comes to your virtual place is the fear that it might be affected by viruses, malware, and hackers’ attacks, which is perfectly reasonable. Unfortunately, here’s no universal protection from this, as even the biggest and most famous online communities and pages get attacked from time to time. This means that there’s no hosting provider that can offer full protection or guarantee that this won’t happen to your page as well.

But, reliable hosts will definitely be able to provide fast and responsive technical support in case you get hacked. A low budget provider will usually have servers that are more vulnerable to those kinds of threats, so this also matters when it comes to security.

5. Ability to handle huge traffic

It’s not such a rare case that when you are having maximum traffic, your page faces occasional downtime. This is especially the case in marketing-related activities since marketers need to attract numerous visitors in order to have sustainable funnels. Huge traffic volume can, however, put a string on servers which then could again lead to serious challenges with load time.

Yet, it might be the case only if we lack support from a reputable service. Otherwise, with the support of a proper and reliable company, these kinds of incidents shouldn’t be happening.



From these examples, it’s obvious that the quality of web hosting is directly related to business marketing, in terms that the better service you have, the greater marketing opportunities will be.  Without it, the above-described incidents are more probable to occur, but if you do your best to implement it properly, you might increase your chances to improve your projects and make them thrive like never before!