The Hot Auto Show Babes

It is clear that boys will always be boys, and saying that we also mean that we will always like luxurious and exotic cars. Those that can be seen on various auto shows are what makes our heart tick faster, but it is not the only thing that pushes our heart rate higher at events like that. There is another eye-catching element that is used by car makers all over the world to attract more attention to their vehicles, and those are great looking girls. On top of that, it often includes the clothes that additionally expresses their curves and usually shows more than it does hide leaving no men indifferent.

9SEMA Show Blondes

It is pretty hard to stay focused on cars with these two great looking blondes that were pictured at the SEMA show in Detroit. They might not be wearing the standard clothes for an auto show, they still did manage to attract a lot of attention, especially from the male audience. The casual look fits perfectly with them, and it is only a question if you would take both of them for a ride.