Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks – Zeke Killing It, Dez Ruined The Momentum?

Source: espn.com

We all know the story about Zeke and his six-game suspension, and it was a good question how would he fit back with the team when he returns. The game plan is always changing and evolving, and he was absent, but when he returned in the game vs. Seahawks he immediately show how dominant he can be.

Most of the runs that we saw from franchise RB were for about 5 yards or similar, with few that went even longer. He might not be producing those monster runs, but the improvement of the Cowboys offense with this man on the field was obvious. It is clear that opponents need to keep an eye or two on Zeke leaving more room for Dak to throw more usable passes.

Dez Bryant recovering after fumble – Source: twitter.com

We saw two field goals that were successfully made by Dan Bailey, the second one from 51 yards even hit the post but was good. After 6-0 lead for Dallas squad, it was all going in their favor, the only thing that we did notice is that Dez Bryant, star WR of the team, was very unsatisfied with the number of passes going his way, or better say, lack of those.

He lost one ball that was sent by Prescott, and that gave a lot of energy to Seahawks. As a result, they produced few good plays, and we saw them getting to the end zone and scoring that turned the result 7-6 for Seattle after successful extra point conversion.

The clock was ticking, Dallas took the ball, and they were trying to reach at least a field goal distance. They managed, and Dan Bailey again hit 51-yard field goal. The result after the first half was saying 9-7 in favor of the home team.