How AI is used in virtual gambling

Due to the fierce competition in the field of gambling, each operator is looking for new solutions that will make slot machines more interesting and attractive. As a result, developers jumped to the new technology that is already changing the virtual world and how we interact with it. 

According to recent trends, most manufacturing companies paid attention on how could AI be of benefit to their games. One of these companies, BGAOC is a good example of how these firms are already using sophisticated game software in their latest games and sites to attract more players and make the game profitable for both parties. 

AI vs Real Gamblers

In 2017, developers proposed the use of artificial intelligence to make an AI that could play poker. This technology showed excellent results by winning a large-scale tournament with a prize pool of $1m. So, the developers have proved that AI can master the same skills as a real gamer. The new platform independently captures all player actions and reacts to them. After that, it finds a solution and it could win real money.

Anti-Addiction AI

Recently, developed countries have begun to pay close attention to addiction and gambling. As a result, many of them banned casinos and slot machines, which had a negative impact on the development of virtual gambling. Specialists from City University London analyzed this problem in detail, proposing an effective solution. An updated version of the BetBuddy platform will help in preventing the development of an addiction.

The technology is detecting the suspicious behavior of players using a neural network. For such users, the online casino will offer to set a time/money limit or their accounts, and if they go over that limit, they will be blocked. To return to playing the game, players must undergo a course or treatment by providing appropriate confirmation that he is able to play the game responsibly again.

AI for Your Safety

Addiction is not the only headache of virtual casino operators. Fraud has become very popular among users who want to get money as quickly as possible. Probably everyone remembers Richard Marcus who tricked the gaming halls by almost 5 million dollars.

New AI technology will instantly respond to suspicious requests from players, which will in the long term prevent fraud and similar actions. Some operators set limits on bets and withdrawals. Even with a small violation, your account will be blocked. Players who are always winning against all odds could also be notified and investigated..

So, artificial intelligence can make slot machines safer and more reliable. Furthermore, it fights addiction with the prevention of creating a real gambling addiction which could be a never ending loop for some players. Using AI technology, operators can identify the needs of their customers increasing their customer base daily. And will all that, we can see that the iGaming industry has new perspectives and that it can fun!