How Being Injured Actually Helped Finn Balor


Ever since Finn Balor became the NXT champion, we could see that he is poised for a huge career in the WWE. Marketable, great face of the brand and an awesome wrestler, it seems that Finn Balor has it all. He is not a great promo, but his character can be so intriguing when properly booked that he is able to overcome whatever weakness in his mic skills he is showing.

Once he made it to the main roster, the fans were ecstatic and wanted him to succeed. Triple H always thought highly of this guy, and we could see his influence on McMahon and Raw. Balor was pushed right to the top and was made to look like a huge deal right away as he became the first Universal Champion ever.


That came with a cost as he got hurt during that match with Seth Rollins. He missed the whole 2016 after Summerslam, and he was forced to be on the sidelines during Wrestlemania season. When Finn made his comeback, he was okay, but WWE had no real plans for him. Now, he is actually starting to hit his stride, and we can see him rising on the red brand. For some, the injury is a setback. For Balor, it was a chance to reflect on what he has done so far in his career.

“I always felt like I didn’t belong; for the longest time I felt like somebody is going to catch me as I snuck in through the back door; whether it’d be New Japan or NXT, but having that time off and reflecting on the journey I was on, and then I realized that I do belong in WWE and do belong to be on the top.”