The Rock Had Something To Do With Nia Jax Leaving WWE?


There has been a lot of talk about some of the stars being unhappy with the WWE. We already know about Neville and his dissatisfaction with the company. That has been documented. On the other hand, the situation with Nia Jax is a bit confusing as there have been some conflicting reports about whether or not she really asked for the leave of absence.

According to multiple sources, this story has been overblown, and Nia Jax was granted some period to get some rest. As you know, WWE has no offseason, and the only true rest that the wrestlers can take is if they are injured, and they need to recover. Otherwise, they are on the road for most of the year. Those reports state that Nia is just fatigued and needed some time off.


On the other hand, Sports Illustrated is insisting that she walked out and that this woman was granted a leave of absence. While one reason for it was, in fact, her being tired, SI also says that she was unhappy with her pay as well as the booking decisions. Losing clean to Sasha Banks at TLC was probably the plan for her, and this source claims that she didn’t like that at all.

Sports Illustrated further reported that she will probably return to work since she has the leverage as The Rock is her cousin. They are also saying that she talked to one of the biggest stars ever in the business and asked him for advice. The Great One is actually a very good source of information. The Rock did help her and said that she should take a break if she doesn’t feel like she wants to give her all to the business at that moment. Nia apparently listened to her cousin since she has not been on TV for a couple of weeks now.