The Reason Tina Turner Came Out of Retirement Is Musical Based on Her Life

A new musical about Tina Turner is in the process of filming, and it should be opened in the West End, next year. Turner, who got retired, eventually agreed to work on it. As she launched Tina: The Musical in London, she said: “Retirement is wonderful.”

“You sleep long, do what you want, decorate the house two or three times. Just easy things that you dreamt about when you were working, and that’s all you did,” added Tina.

She mentioned some of the hardships during her career, and one of them was spending too much time on tour buses, planes, cars, etc. However, “That was work, and that’s sometimes what you had to do. But you had a dream not to have to do any of it.”

Some of the biggest Turner’s hits are The Best, and What’s Love Got To Do With It, whereas, initially, she was not willing to work on the show, but she agreed later on.

“I didn’t want to because I didn’t really understand it or agree with it, whatever there is – the magic between stage and music is totally different,” she says. “So I’m learning and experiencing what musicals are about.” The producers of the new musical had to go to Switzerland, as that is where she lives, to ask for her blessing.

Upon agreeing, Turner said: “This took me out of retirement… I’m very excited to be a part of it.” In the show, she will be played by Adrienne Warren, and musician stated: “She can sing. She will do the dancing. Maybe she hasn’t done the type of dancing that me and my girls would do, but she can do that. She’s pretty. And we’re giving it a try.”

The audience has already caught a glimpse of the show as Warren and Turner performed side by side, singing three songs and Warren proved that she has the voice for the part. The actress and singer praised Turner: “She’s a motivation, inspiration to all women, and especially women of color. It’s the first time I ever realized that I could grow up in the South and have dreams that would take me all over the world. I wouldn’t have become a performer if it wasn’t for Tina Turner.”

Warren continued: “When you have an opportunity like this, I call it a responsibility. Because I’m a Tina Turner fan first, so that’s a responsibility and I don’t take that lightly.”

We are waiting for the plot details as well as a song list to be announced, but according to the producers, we should watch a very detailed tale of Tina Turner’s life. Not only the positive stuff will be presented since the fans will have a chance to see a tough period of Turner’s life when she was abused by her husband, Ike.

Speaking of the content of the show, Adrienne explained: “Dark? No. Inspirational? Yes. It is the truth of her story. Sometimes the best things in life come out of the worst things in life, so that’s what’s so appealing about this show.”

“There are challenges, the stamina that is required for this show was something like I’ve never seen before, and actually having Tina as my coach as I do this is something quite interesting as well, so I love every second of it. It shows all of us that no matter what obstacle comes your way, whether it’s your family not supporting you, whether it’s bullying, domestic violence, don’t ever let that stop you achieving your dreams,” pointed out Warren.

Tina Turner is high-quality singer and performer, and she definitely deserves the musical based on her life. We are going to enjoy it, how about you?