How Do You Know If A Wrestler Is A “Jobber”?


A term jobber is very popular in the world of wrestling. When somebody is a jobber, it means that he is wrestling just to put over other talents as he is booked to lose every time and maybe even look like a total goofball in the process. If you take a look at Jinder Mahal, Titus O’Neal and guys like that, you are looking at a couple of jobbers. So, how do you recognize them?

Well, when a wrestler doesn’t get his entrance on the live TV but during a commercial break, that means that he’s a jobber. When he is not important enough for his intro to be on the TV, that should tell you something right away.

When a wrestler beats another jobber, a guy that loses all the time, but the commentators call it the biggest win of his career, you then know that the company really doesn’t have big plans for that superstar as he is only able to beat guys that are even worse than him.


There are a lot of times when WWE officials ask somebody to change the look of superstars’ hair, clothing or something like that, it shows that their current character is not working. When there is a need for a change of that character, you know that the superstar isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Most of the guys that we have seen in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal are jobbers. If a certain wrestler is in that kind of a match, it’s likely that he is there just because the big guys need somebody to toss over the top rope in order to make themselves look good. Those are just some of the things to look when you are trying to spot a jobber in the world of wrestling.