Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella Again For WWE Women’s Title


Even since Charlotte made her main roster debut, she was pushed to the moon and protected very well. She was even the one to beat Nikki Bella for the title after she broke the record for the longest reigning Divas champion in the history of WWE. She is the chosen one, and she does deserve the spot that she is in as Charlotte’s wrestling ability is second to none.

This girl has done everything that she could on Monday Night Raw, and it was a good decision for her to move to the blue brand. Naomi is a champion right now, but her feuding with Charlotte might not be the best idea as we really don’t see her losing to this woman who just got the title. She should have a few challengers before dropping the belt to Charlotte.


When that happens, we will again have a heel champion, with a potential for a new babyface to challenge for the chip. Nikki Bella is entering the status of a legend right now in the WWE, so that’s why she is not going to be a heel ever again. Nikki was a villain when she faced Charlotte in 2015, but if this feud happens again, the roles will be switched.

The two women even used Twitter to tease this matchup, with Charlotte even posting a photo of the two, asking Bella just to name a time and a place when they should fight. This also doesn’t have to be a championship feud as it is interesting enough even if the title is not on the line.