The Shield vs. Balor Club?


With this superstar shakeup that just took place in the WWE, Dean Ambrose has moved over to the Monday Night Raw. This means that all three former members of the Shield are now on the same brand, while they are also babyfaces. Before the brand split, they were also seen in a lot of segments together, but there was no point in time when all three were faces or heels.

Now, with them being on the same show once again, maybe it is time for them to reform the Shield and feud with somebody. There is a lot of main event level talent on the Raw roster, and it would be a good idea to spread the superstars around in different storylines. With the Sheild put together yet again, you have three guys that could easily be involved in the title picture working in high-profile segments without the championship being involved.


The perfect opponent for them would be the Balor Club which is led by a heel Finn Balor, who is again going to lead the faction that was so successful in the NJPW. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows would join him as they need something to get them going again as they weren’t really hot after splitting up with AJ Styles.

Balor can easily get stale as a babyface so putting him as a heel in the Balor Club seems like a perfect move. Plus, since WWE is doing their best to present Roman as a face, some cheers by association with the Shield would do him good.