How Long Does Online Divorce Take?


When it comes to the divorce process, it is obvious that everyone is eager to go through it as fast as possible and with minimum energy and money waste. So, the first thing most couples under divorce are interested in is how long the divorce takes. Although there isn’t any universal formula to calculate the estimated time of your divorce process, there are different points, you may consider to speed up the divorce as much as possible. In general, a reliable platform for online divorce is the top solution for the time issue. You can check service if you are considering filing an uncontested divorce.

All Depends on the Divorce Service


Different services offer different terms and different conditions. If you decide to deal with the divorce with the help of the state or county official website, which is the cheapest option, it may last over 20 weeks. The other option is widely spread divorce management services, which combine private offers and state services and can handle your divorce for approximately 20 weeks. Online divorce services offer various options of cooperation and with their help you divorce usually takes 16-19 weeks. Fast online divorce is the best option to save your time, money and health.

General Steps to Get Divorced Online


To understand how long your online divorce may take and what it depends on, you should take a closer look at the process and the stages of the divorce itself. Even most updated services, offering simple divorce process, stick to the set procedure, which cannot give instant outcomes, since it depends on numerous factors and institutions.

You usually go through the following stages, when you decide to complete divorce online:

  1. Online Service – it all starts, when you pick out one of the reliable services for online divorce, looking through reviews, comments and feedback beforehand. This is the fastest point of the whole process, since creating a profile and customizing a set of divorce forms for your case really takes nothing. Good customer-oriented platforms can provide you with all the necessary documents and assist you with filling them out within several hours. Here, everything depends on your desire, hard work and free time.
  2. Divorce Petition – this will be the first official step on the way to your divorce. You will have to fill out the Divorce petition, add your marriage certificate and hand the documents to the county or state court. You will also have to pay court fee, which is not usually included in best online divorce services.
  3. Acknowledgment of Services – your spouse will receive a copy of all divorce documents, you have already signed, along with Acknowledgment of Services. He/she will have 7 days to look through the forms and sign them. If you are going through an uncontested divorce, the process will go certainly faster until you agree with each other.
  4. Decree Nisi – the court will review your Acknowledgment of Services and if there is no reason or obstruction, which can stop you from ending your marriage, you will receive the date, when your decree nisi will be pronounced. It means you can file for divorce on that date to complete the divorce process, finally. It usually takes 6-7 weeks, until you can claim for the final document, which will declare your divorce.
  5. Decree Absolute Application – after 6-7 weeks you will be applied for ending up your marriage by filling out Decree Absolute Application. After that, it will take around 2-3 weeks, before the court can officially pronounce the end of your marriage by posting the Decree Absolute for both of you.

You may either be provided with the assistance of qualitative online services or divorce attorney through the whole process or deal with everything by yourself. It depends on your personal preferences, financial status or package of services, you pick out to file for divorce online. As you can see, the process of the divorce is quite long and can be stressful, so, it is highly recommended to be provided with the qualitative support to through it successfully.

Don’t Get Misled by Incredibly Fast Divorce Offer


The divorce procedure is far from a short and easy process. It is going to be a real challenge for your nerves/ It is natural, that you will try to seek easier options to cope with it, yet, don’t be too desperate to trust misleading information about unusually fast divorce services. When you are offered easy divorce online, that will take from 12 weeks only, you should get suspicious, since it is not possible physically. Reliable divorce platforms offer fast divorce services, starting with 16 weeks. So, don’t hunt for something, that is not real. When you try to win it, you can lose twice more. You’d better double-check everything before you make any crucial decisions.

Care about the Right Things


Looking for a fast online divorce, don’t get blinded with generous offers. Bother about quality f services, you will receive, and your security as primary significance. Get prepared for a tough period in your life and don’t search for any tricks. Better get equipped with professional assistance and handle everything with dignity.