How Mobile Apps Are Changing Fan Experience

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As technology continues to sieve into virtually every facet of human endeavor, the sporting industry is not being left out of the encroachment, the matter of fact, it is taking a major hit. The fan experience at stadiums and other sporting venues are astronomically evolving with technology in the grand picture of things. Mobile apps are the media used by technology to drive this new trend of fan experience across major sporting events halfway around the globe. The primal goal of this trend is to converge fans at the stadium, get them wholly immersed into the exciting action and implant memories of fascinating experiences in their heart which causes them to crave for more.

With this in place, fans are always looking forward to the next fixture.

In various climes of the world where this measure of streamlining the fan experience is being put in place, teams are investing big in technological installations across their stadiums to enhance connectivity and enable fans to enjoy the moments live and online. Wi-Fi enabled stadiums are now becoming rampant because access to internet services is the sole route to achieving everything technology brings to the table.

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But most importantly, the second-screen viewers (people who watch the actions from their homes) have been a major force in taking the fan experience to a whole new level through the use of mobile apps. These stay-at-home viewers can still get themselves fully drenched in the live experience happening miles away through mobile apps, you can thank technology for the umpteenth time for making this a reality. Now let’s take a look at how the mobile apps are inspiring a mega revolution in the fan experience.

1. Free Wireless Access to the Internet across Stadiums

First things first, hitch-free internet connectivity is paramount and not just the connectivity, but the price that comes along with it. Like earlier stated, the major goal is to socially connect fans together to revel in the excitement, share opinions and put wagers on their favorite teams both online and in real-time. This heightens the fan experience and excitement and cannot be achieved ultimately without a wireless internet connection that’s free to access within the confines of the sporting arena. If they have to pay for it, most of them will gladly pass on the mobile experience and make do with the live situation while it lasts. Basically, the free Wi-Fi services being made available across stadiums in major climes of the world is to enhance the fan experience at stadiums and also make the mobile apps that create another path in the excitement, one huge success.

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2. The Game Changing Mobile Apps

So our topic is focused on how mobile apps are changing the fan experience. This is how. Remember the free access to the internet is made available at the stadiums is also geared towards making the mobile apps seamless in usage. Mobile technology is all about apps. Apps tailored for a specific purpose and need. These apps are rising exponentially in changing the fan experience.

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With many football, basketball, hockey and other sporting teams getting involved in mobile technology, bespoke apps are being created by these teams to enable fans purchase tickets for fixtures beforehand, locate parking spots, order for beverages, purchase VIP seats, locate their seats effortlessly, use the nearest restroom, watch high definition replay videos, access coupons, and promotions, connect with fellow fans and the list is endless.

With all these being offered, the fan experience is rising to its zenith and professional teams yet to hop into the bandwagon are trailing behind their counterparts who are involved in it with both hands and feet. This mobile experience for fans in the days to come will cause some to switch allegiance into other teams who offer their fans more in terms of fringe benefits like the free Wi-Fi services and the online exhilarating experience.

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And for the stay-at-home addicts, the mobile apps afford them the opportunity to indulge in the fun and make them feel like its live action. Sports fan engagement platform like FanTribe is a marketplace for Fans, Sports Clubs and Commercial Partners that allows all participants to seamlessly co-create and exchange valuable interactions.

3. Mobile P.O.S Innovation

Why the world opted to embrace technology in the first place is because results have proven that it makes life easier and a lot more stressful. What’s the point of accepting an innovation or rising trend that will not assuage the average endeavors of the average Joe out there, but rather make things tougher?

There is really no sense in that.

So the mobile Point of Sale (POS) systems is changing the fan experience. This system is making the experience more fun-filled and less stressful by enabling fans to get whatever they need right at the comfort of their seats. Virtually everything being sold at the stadium can be bought using the mobile point of sale system. Food, beverages, merchandise, and services all gotten without moving an inch. This way, fans don’t have to leave their seats and possibly miss out on a part of the game for getting something they needed pronto. The mobile P.O.S also eliminates queues and save valuable time.

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The mobile apps through the potent powers of technology and internet are swiftly improving the fan experience and in a way luring those stay-at-home folks out of their comfort zones into another redefined comfort zone away from home where they get to experience live actions and prime offerings. To help you with app development “gomeeki” has highlighted few tips to shortlist top app companies.

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The world is getting digitalized in a dynamic way and the tech-savvy 21st-century generation can’t be satisfied with the offerings of technology which is why they will jump at every innovation or technological advancement and ride on it. Sporting events unite nations together, the fan experience is global and unites the world. With technology in the form of mobile apps in the picture, things can only get better for the fans.