How Online Slots use Math to Determine when you Win or Lose

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Of all the interesting personalities you find inside casinos, slot machine players are the easiest to identify. They spend most of their time alone, slipping coin after coin at the conspicuously noisy machines. When they speak, they tend to ask this one question: “Which is the loosest one in the house?”

Online slot machine players also ask the same question frequently. Everyone wants to hit the jackpot even if it means losing a few hundreds of dollars in the process. Surprisingly, some of the biggest online slots jackpot winners won playing with pennies. Here’s why:

Slots are Games of Chance

Contrary to popular belief, no one can control the outcome of a fair slot machine. No matter how experienced you are; whether you win or lose all comes down to luck.

That means you could wager $1 and win $1000 with your first ever game. You could also lose a similar amount in your tenth year playing on these machines. Online casinos wouldn’t let you gamble in a game where skills can give you an edge anyway.

RNG Software

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RNG or Random Number Generator is the algorithm that decides when you win and lose. It’s the most important software in an online slot. If tampered with, it becomes unfair and could help the casino win unfairly.

In the past, people have also hacked these machines but mostly improperly managed ones at land-based casinos. With the best online casinos, slots are ironclad safe. That keeps them fair, which in turn gives you a reasonable shot of winning.

Payout Percentage

Some of these machines pay out more frequently than others, a fact experienced players use to choose the best games to play. On the other hand, online casinos tend to promote low paying machines, albeit cautiously.

For instance, they could award you an overwhelming amount of bonuses in a low-paying game. But one of the requirements of getting the offer is to spend real money on the slot game.

Of course, there are genuine online casinos that give out no deposit bonuses you can use on your favorite games. That means you can play a variety of top-ranked slots without spending real money in the process. Click here to understand no deposit spins a bit better. Also, find out which casinos give out these bonuses and whether or not they can help you win real money.

Game Volatility

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This can also help you choose slots more wisely. That’s because volatility determines how frequently and how much these types of machines pay you when you win. Online slots machines have three levels of variance: low, medium and high.

Low volatility games payout frequently but in small amounts. The wildly famous Starburst slot, for instance, pays out regularly but rarely in massive numbers. Thunderstruck II, a game themed after Norse gods like Thor and Loki also pays out in low amounts.

Unsurprisingly, people love to play low volatility games. Although you might never win $100,000 playing Starburst, you can win $50, $200 or even $1000 frequently.

High volatility games can pay you up to $20 million if participating in a progressive jackpot. But the chances of hitting $20 are lower than finding a needle in a haystack. Due to that, players who want to win decent amounts of cash tend to play medium volatility games like Gonzo’s Quest and Jumanji.

Winning Slots Games Consistently

In most countries, these machines must payout at least 85% of the money wagered by players. Many online slots payouts between 90% and 99% of money gambled. The Mega Joker slot pays out 99.1% and people predictably worship the game.

Obviously, the element of chance in slots means you can’t win all bets. But you also have a chance to win more bets than you lose. How do you do it? Use the same math factors that govern slots to beat the house.

1. Choose High Paying Slots

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One with an 85% payout rate gives the house a 15% edge. By comparison, Mega Joker leaves casinos with a house edge of a measly 1%. There are numerous machines with a return to player rate of 96% to 99%, and these are the games you should play.

As a tip, though, play multiple games in short intervals rather than spend all your day playing one game. Slots are based on luck anyway. If you play Gonzo’s Quest and win little after 30 or 50 spins, try playing Starburst or Wolf of Gold.

2. Decide on Volatility

Choose what you would rather have: frequent wins of small amounts, decent wins moderately or massive wins sparsely. When starting, you should probably play volatility games. You don’t have to spend enormous amounts, and you’ll win consistently.

With some experience, you can play medium variance games and win reasonably decent amounts of money. Most professional slots players choose these games. They might not win every time. But when they do, they cash out hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Play high volatility games if you dream of winning a casino jackpot. It could take you years to hit the pot, but it can happen. Fortunately, most progressive jackpots can be playing with as little as ten cents. That means you don’t have to spend lots of cash while chasing the pot.

3. Minimize your Expenses

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It’s all about math, right? So find a way to maximize your profits without spending too much money. For starters, grab the no deposit bonuses we talked about earlier. Claim more bonuses when you make your first deposit and use these rewards to maximize your profits.

When choosing slots; pick games that feature bonus rounds and multipliers. In-game bonuses help you spin the slots’ reels without making more bets. Multipliers, on the other hand, magnify your wins two, three or 100 times.

To Conclude

Online slots don’t steal from you; they use math to beat you. Statistically, casinos are bound to win more money than players in the long haul. That’s because they pay less money than they make. To beat the house, therefore, you must choose your games wisely and play strategically.