How Realistic Is Dwayne Johnson’s Newest Stunt In The Skyscraper Movie?

Unless you are living under The Rock (you see what we did there? It’s cool? No?), you have probably heard that Dwayne The Rock Johnson has a new movie coming out in 10 days time. It’s called Skyscraper in which he has the lead role, of course.

Since he is one of the biggest and the most successful actors that Hollywood has to offer nowadays, he is dropping a new film every three or four months. Don’t expect that trend to die anytime soon since he has movie tapings scheduled for the next three years. You can say that the man is busy.

In this newest project, he is a guy named Will Sawyer who lost his leg while he worked for the FBI. Well, he only lost a part of his leg. He is taking care of the safety of huge buildings and his job is taking him to The Pearl in Hong Kong.

There, he finds himself in a tough spot, on the building, god only knows how many floors are under him, and he needs to save the day.

In one scene, he is almost going to drop from the building straight to the ground, but something unexpected saved his behind.

It was his prosthetic leg that snags in the rope and saved his life in that instance. We do think that it is a bit unrealistic, but hey, that is what movies do, and that is why we watch them.

Sometimes we just need to be entertained and enjoy what is presented to us. Dwayne himself said that “This was stupid” referring to the move that he makes, and we do agree. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Sit back, relax and enjoy the newest Johnson’s movie.