How SaaS Financial Model Works

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SaaS Financial Model is the only model on the internet that serves all of your SaaS needs. It is the most comprehensive and powerful model for excel fundraising, and nothing comes even close. If you really need to impress some investors and present a well-thought plan to them, this is it. This way you will also be able to better understand your own operations in detail.

How was it built?

This is a combination of the best aspects from many other proven models. All of the top tier VCs are included. Their already great approaches are improved and perfected. It simply encompasses years of experience from working on different stages of startups. Everything present serves to the simplicity and professionalism and adds value only to the interest of investors. The model is also editable and changeable to suit any and all needs.

Who is it for?

This is mainly made for those with a startup, and need to provide a great financial model for Venture Capitalists in order to secure financing. In addition, those who want to understand their operation details for further strategic planning would greatly benefit from this approach. It will allow you to know and understand every part of your business. Basically, it is built for every SaaS company that has a non-enterprise business model. There are three different pricing packages, Basic, Premium, and Pro.

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Key features

The model offers 36 months of forecasting and three annual summaries. It is very flexible for forecasts and actuals with sheets that combine numbers into a P&L to the exact month. There is also manual or automated forecasting of staff, dates of firings, dates of salaries, raises, bonuses and taxes. You will get rapid forecasts of G&A, R&D, S&M, and CAPEX, while COGS expenses have a separate sheet.

With all this comes a truly incredible cohort-forecasting model. Just put in a few assumptions and get monthly cohorts for customers as well as forms.

Many different SaaS companies have discounts for purchasing one year up front and allow monthly payments. Calculations for this are complicated. The model, however, allows simple assumptions of monthly vs. annual customers with incredible accuracy. Just add the predictions and wait for the results.

You are able to forecast the entire marketing plan, and access easily to use schedules. The KPI sheets are very detailed, while the charts are beautiful and they explain the business perfectly. Explain your business systematically using logical and detailed P&L, easy to copy and paste.

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Technical features

This is a completely integrated and automated model, and you will look like a pro while utilizing its features. Structure of each sheet is standardized, as every calculation in the SaaS model starts in the same, easily auditable column. The perfectly aligned cells are color-coded, so it is easy to distinguish the formulas, links, and assumptions. One of the most important features is that the coding is not hard. In addition, you are able to freely edit everything yourself. Links are present on top of each sheet to easily track where assumptions are from.

Who is the perfect user?

Someone who is building any variation of a SaaS company, is good and comfortable with numbers and wants to control the model with assumptions, and likes to impress, show logic and professionalism while being able to customize every detail.


Overall, this is a very detailed and powerful model. Nothing online is at its level. It assumes that you have knowledge and understanding of SaaS and Excel, and all the effort is to make sure it is simple for founders to get great results without the need of being advanced in model structuring. No modeling at all is needed to use this model, just fill in the boxes, and it will do all the work for you.