How to Avoid Paying Fines While Travelling by Car Abroad?

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Car is the most popular form of transportation nowadays, and its popularity is growing all the time. It happens because it’s a comfortable, fast, and convenient way of transport. If you feel the same about cars, it won’t surprise you that millions of people travel by car even abroad.

What makes the car travels so great?

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Driving a car is considered the most convenient type of transportation. One of the reasons for that is flexibility. It’s entirely up to you when and where you’re going to take a break. Because of that, you can travel at your own pace. If you need to get to the destination quickly, you can rush. If you enjoy driving with your friends or family, you can just go slow and enjoy the road journey.

The beauty of vehicle travels is also the fact that you can enjoy the views. When people travel by plane, their most common complaint is a limited and cloudy view. It never happens if you drive the car. Every time you see something worth taking a picture, you can stop by and do it. You can watch small towns, amazing villages or breathtaking mountains, and enjoy every second of it.

If you’re traveling by car, an undeniable advantage is the possibility to take as much luggage as you need. You don’t have to worry about any rules like maximum weight, prohibited items, and so on.

Abroad driving rules

However, if you’re planning to drive to foreign countries, you must remember one essential thing. Driving laws abroad will differ from the rules of your country. What might be allowed in your state doesn’t necessarily have to be legal in another one. Before you travel to the destination target, make sure that you know what the road rules there are.

It’s good to know the regulations because if you’re not aware of them, it’s more likely that you can get a ticket. Here’s some useful information about the most popular tourist destination countries.

Spain road important rules

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In Spain, you must be 18 years old to drive a car. But if you go there, let’s say, on holiday, and you want to hire a car, you have to be at least 21. Web pages like RhinoCarHire, where you can rent a vehicle, will provide you essential information about the road rules.

Spain is the right side driving country. It means that you should always drive in the right lane. Also, if you’re not on the road with a right of way, you should give way to road users who are coming from your right. It shouldn’t be too complicated for right side country drivers. However, if you’re used to left-side driving, it’s something you should keep in mind.

You’ll also have to understand that on a highway when people are about to overtake you, they will flash their headlights. It may be frustrating for you, but it’s Spain law, and therefore, every driver’s duty.

When you’re on a highway, always signalize when you’re about to change lanes. Also, if there’s a solid white line, you mustn’t overtake. It’s crucial to remember it because authorities actively enforce this law, and they’ll surely find you for not respecting it.

Traffic fines in Spain are rigorous. There are 3 types of violation – minor, major, and very serious. They cost 100, 200 and 500 euro or more. Also, you’ll have to remember about the points system. If you lose all the points, authorities will revoke your driver’s license. Before you start driving, make sure you get to know what is forbidden on the roads.

What do you need to know about Egypt’s road rules?

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In order to be able to drive in Egypt, you have to be 18. If you want to rent a car, the minimum age for it is 21. When you drive in Egypt, always use the right side. You, as well as every passenger in the car, should always use seat belts. If you have children under 7 years old, they can’t sit in the front seat, because it’s forbidden.

You are allowed to use a mobile phone but only with a hands-free system. If you drank, never use the car. Egyptian laws are stringent when it comes to the alcohol level in blood. The maximum amount is 50 mg per 100 ml of the driver’s blood.

Driving in Egypt is dangerous. Car accidents are something common. Make sure that you’re driving super cautiously. Be careful, especially at night.

Parking in big cities is hard. Because there are few spots, people are leaving handbrakes down and doors open. It allows more people to fit into a parking space. Locals will often offer parking your car for a tip. Make sure that you always get familiar with such information before driving in a foreign country.

Greece roads

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People in Greece, just like in Egypt, are unreasonable. Some of them bribed to get a driver’s license. You should assume that you’re the only one who knows the road rules. Drive with extreme caution, and be prepared for anything to happen. Also, keep in mind that if you’re planning to rent a car, you need to have an International Driver’s Permit unless you’re EU citizen. In that case, you can use your regular license.

Double lines exist on the roads, but people do not always respect them. Be careful, because you never know what drivers from the opposite direction are up to.

When it comes to the speed limits, you are allowed to drive up to 50km per hour in urban areas. The rural speed limit is 110 km per hour, and the motorway speed limit is 120 km per hour.

Driving by car is the most convenient way of transportation. However, if you’re planning to travel abroad and you want to use car hire services, make sure that you know what the rules in destination country are, so you can avoid fines and stay safe on those roads. Always respect the rules, and nothing bad should ever happen!