How to Catch Your Busy Customers’ Attention

It’s not always easy to reach the customers you know will be interested in your products and services. They might be busy and spend limited time in the places and platforms you actively advertise on. As challenging as it can be, you have options. You might be able to catch your busy customers’ attention in the following ways.

Do a Flier Drop

Flier Drop

While social media advertising has been a game-changer in recent years, more traditional marketing methods like flier drops haven’t lost their effectiveness altogether. Click here for color printing options to create a standout flier that a mail-out company can deliver to areas housing your target market.

Color printing might be more effective than black and white since it can stand out from other mailbox mailers. Alternatively, you can opt for colored paper fliers that contrast against white letters. If you’re unsure whether fliers will be an effective marketing option, offer a deal that is only claimable with the flier. You can then gauge how many people have seen and acted on it.

Be Fast

If everyone had time to read, watch, or listen to a lengthy marketing message, the world would possibly be a less productive place. When you have limited time to hook a customer, use it wisely.

Get to the point right away, leaving terms and conditions and detailed descriptions for last. Don’t be afraid to lead with an emotional message that solves a pain point for potential customers. The faster you share what you have to offer, the more likely you might be to attract the interest of your busy customers.

Create Engaging Videos

Create Engaging Videos

Not everyone has time to scroll through social media to read long marketing pitches and learn what businesses offer. However, they often do have time to watch quick videos. Appeal to busy social media users by creating short videos that share who you are and what products and services you offer. As long as you avoid hard sales approaches and let your personality shine through, you might appeal to the right people willing to learn more about your business.

You may not know how to create compelling and concise videos, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Set your mobile device up on a tripod and use your phone’s unique editing features. Alternatively, you can enlist the services of a marketing company that can guide you through the process before you eventually take the lead later. Just keep the following points in mind when you’re trying to receive as many video views as possible:

  • Hook your audience with something interesting in your opening statement
  • Keep it short – shorter videos often convert higher
  • Make your video credible
  • Include SEO – use keywords in the title and description
  • Pay attention to what your customers want – solve their pain points
  • Use subtitles – not everyone can use audio

Get Training

You might be an expert in your products and services, but that doesn’t mean you’re an expert in sharing them with your customers in the right way. If you’re struggling to grab your busy customers’ attention, see if training opportunities exist to enhance your business skills.

You might participate in a digital marketing course showing you the different avenues you can explore online. Alternatively, you might enroll in a sales or customer service training course, educating you on how to hook customers and finalize deals quicker. Any new or seasoned business owner can benefit from further education, whether you think you have all the skills you need or not.

Be Unique


More than 90% of companies with 100+ employees use social media for marketing. As a result, it’s not uncommon for the average social media user’s newsfeed to be filled with marketing materials. Seeing so many ads can make it challenging for the average business to be seen, but you might improve your chances by being unique.

How you choose to be unique is up to you. Create a humorous video, use bold fonts in your social media posts, or select a shocking picture to grab people’s interest when they scroll through their newsfeeds. Think about what you typically don’t see in the average marketing message and buck the trend.

It’s also important not to get your hopes up thinking your unique marketing message will organically reach hundreds or thousands of people. Social media is a business, and you might need to set a generous marketing budget to reach those who could benefit from your products, service, or message, the most.

Don’t Neglect Your Physical Location

Most business owners understand the importance of improving their digital footprint, but reaching your busy customers isn’t always about targeting them online. If you have a physical location, don’t forget to make it appealing to walk-in customers who want to utilize your products and services offline.

Create window displays that evoke feelings of curiosity, and don’t underestimate the value of pavement signs to grab people’s attention as they walk by. You might even explore your options surrounding light boxes and LED displays for standout products you want current and future customers to see. While there’s no denying that having a digital presence is important, you may like to spread your efforts to appeal to a broader range of people.

Offer Something

Online Advertising

Whether you’re advertising online, through a flier drop, or even on the radio, make sure you offer something to the average reader, listener, or watcher, who could be your target market. Make an offer your first point so potential customers don’t have to wait for you to share the most crucial information. Otherwise, they might lose interest and move on.

You might share the news of a significant discount, a two-for-one deal, or a unique service like free installation with the purchase of a product. You can then actively discuss the goods and services you have to offer once you’ve hooked them with a lucrative deal.

Catching the attention of busy customers won’t be an easy task, no matter the platforms you use to share your message. However, by acting quickly, marketing uniquely, and creating engaging content, you might improve your chances of securing the customers who traditionally prove the most elusive.