How to Create a Chatbot on Facebook in 2024 for Better Customer Service

Some marketing trendsetters have announced a new step in the evolution of digital marketing in the form of ChatBots, which should provide users with far better user experience and thus improve online business. So it was. Ever since Facebook introduced the Messenger chatbot platform in 2016 – it is estimated that tens of thousands of brands are using this opportunity to communicate with their fans and clients. Among the brands that use it are Mastercard, Wholefoods, The Wall Street Journal and many more.

What are ChatBots?

In short, it is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to simulate a conversation with a customer, answer various questions, and provide relevant information regarding a service or product of a brand. This means that users can fulfil their needs on a certain site, without the participation and activities of people who would otherwise have to be on duty 24/7, thus fully automating the whole process.

Many bots are already integrated into the framework of certain online communication applications, such as Facebook messenger, where you can talk to them without ever realizing that you are talking to a computer program. Today, special emphasis is placed on chatbots who can already learn – so-called Machine learning. Machine learning is realized by having the algorithm written so that it can be changed when being exposed to new data or variables that it does not have in its system.


What Can A Chatbot Do?

A chatbot can help you order pizza, tell you the balance of your bank account, recommend a restaurant or cosmetic product, teach you a foreign language, play with you through quizzes, list the most important news, advise you on solving health problems, etc. Chatbots have been getting richer and more interactive lately, so some of them can be used only for gaming and entertainment.

Benefits For Customers and Brands

For the user, the benefits are as follows

  • The user does not have to rely on the presence of the community manager or his expertise or knowledge
  • Receives information at any time within seconds
  • Gets the answer on a platform it already uses and does not have to download additional applications
  • In the case of chatbot games, the user entertains and voluntarily interacts with the bot because of the interesting content it receives
  • Has a conversation with the brand in case he/she needs the information again.

On the other hand, benefits for brands are also multiple, because:

  • Make financial savings (bot work instead of humans)
  • The information and offers are updated automatically through the software
  • Engage more with customers who know they can get an answer at any time
  • Improve brand image
  • Improve customer support in ever more innovative ways
  • Saves time to both, brands and customers

Did Facebook Invent Chatbots?

Of course not, they have been around for years (decades), mostly on websites, but the introduction of bots on social networks is a further step in positioning social networks as an online space for communication between brand and users.

How To Make A Chatbot And Increase Customer Interest?

Every entrepreneur takes different steps to further improve their company performance. Regardless of the niche you belong to, it is likely that you are on your own to find ways to increase customer interest. To do this, you need to have a person ready to talk to customers at all times.

As this is impossible, especially as your clientele begins to grow, it is much better to find a workaround to achieve equal success. In this and similar cases, chatbots are a great alternative, as they offer a decent level of communication that will allow you to increase the interest of your clients.

How To Create A Chatbot?

Many platforms offer a whole wealth of forms, further facilitating the creation of chatbots for specific needs. Whichever industry you belong to, using this platform will not be particularly difficult for you. Such a platform is very easy to use, especially considering the drag and drop feature of creating a bot.

Anyone with a bit of technical experience can easily create chatbots using one of such platforms. For more information and learning about this topic, read more here.

These platforms also provide you with a broadcast tool that lets you reach out to all your customers at the same time, which can be helpful to increase interest. This makes it much easier to spread announcements and offers.

How Is Chatbot Most Commonly Used?

From simple news to offering products and services through the messenger platform – the possibilities are almost limitless! Using a ChatBot will depend on the industry in which you operate, from the relationship with your followers/readers/clients  – to the goal you want to achieve. Here are the 3 most popular uses of this concept.

3 Ways That Facebook Messenger Bot Can Be Used

1. Lead Generation

Lead generation means the process of identifying, contacting, and leading potential clients/customers to the point where they actually buy your product or hire you for a service. Here, the Messenger Bot can be helpful in terms of “warming up” customer relationships and keeping in touch.

The main advantage: Reaching more people at once.

2. Customer Support

Automate your customer support with ChatBot! Program the Messenger bot to answer frequently asked questions, receive orders, or give instructions on your location. It is also important to say that some questions or problems will still require the intervention of a real person. Make sure you still have someone on the team who will periodically control the Bot’s operation.

The main advantage: Ideal for service business owners, as you can quickly provide information such as location or current menu, as well as whether pets are allowed in the facility, etc.

3. Sending News

Hundreds of people, hundreds of different whims – you never know which of your followers/leaders is the most active on which platform. While some are accustomed to scrolling for hours on the homepage of social networks and some known as devoted readers of your email campaigns, some want only concrete information – and as quickly as possible. Facebook Messenger is a primary messaging platform for many, so it’s no surprise that these messages open so much. Opening rates are thought to be similar to SMS – about 50%. This use of the Messenger Bot is most commonly applied to media.

The main advantage: Easy sending – convenient for quick information.

Commitment To Developing A Chatbot

The challenge of developing a good chatbot is not technical. The bottom line is that they understand the needs of the users and think about anything that might interest them, as well as the problems they encounter and the services they need. So, one should take full advantage of chatbot capabilities and build authentic communication with its users. This will develop their trust, which is the best marketing for one company.