Best Football Betting Strategy 2024

The difference between successful and unsuccessful punters is a betting strategy. Successful ones use them and never place a football bet without considering their chosen strategy. Professional punters, those who have turned football betting into profitable employment, have studied most of the existing strategies and chosen the one they believe in. The fact that they are able to make a living out of betting is enough of a proof that their choice is a good one. Since all sports betting, especially football, can be unpredictable, the only measure of certainty comes from having a strategy in place to deal with it.

A good betting strategy can provide you an edge over the betting companies and their systems, which often incorporate similar strategies into their everyday operations. If you are thinking of getting serious about football betting, a well-chosen strategy is a must. Any long-term success can’t be planned based on luck alone, as many punters have discovered the hard way.

How to Choose an Online Bookmaker

Choosing an online bookmaker can be a tricky order. There are so many of them on the market and some of them aren’t as honest as others. Spending some time to read up on them and getting familiar with how they work, and what kind of bonuses they offer, can save you a lot of money down the road. You can see full reviews of all online betting sites at Efirbet, together with users’ reviews that can help you choose a bookie that is best for you.

Football Accumulator Offers

This is one of the simplest and most popular betting strategies. By betting on several matches, you can multiply the odds and make a lot of money with a minimum bet. Most bookies don’t limit how many matches you can play on a single ticket, so you are only limited with their payout limit if they have one. Keep in mind that the more matches you play, the bigger the chances of something unexpected happening are. A favorite can lose, of a goalie can have a bad day. The key here is to keep the number of matches to a minimum, increasing your chances that everything will go as planned, but keeping your eye on the big prize. Many punters, especially those new to football betting, get greedy and keep on adding matches, ending with a ticket a mile long. Then they get frustrated when some obscure Norwegian 4th league team didn’t win their game because their best player had to work overtime.

Back & Lay

Before we get into this popular strategy, we need to explain the terminology used. Let’s say that you are betting that Manchester United will win over Tottenham. This is called backing, as you are essentially backing ManU and betting on a single outcome of the game, that they will win. Once your bookie has accepted the bet, they are essentially betting against you and hoping that any other outcome will happen. Tottenham can win or the game can be a draw, in either case, you will lose the bet. This is called laying a bet, as they are betting that something will not happen, in this case, they are betting that Manchester won’t win. Any other outcome is acceptable to them. Back & Lay allows you to cover both ends of the stick. By using this strategy, you are essentially betting against other users at a betting exchange.

Football Matched Betting

This is a foolproof strategy that pretty much guarantees that you will make money on a bet. The trouble is that it depends on some factors you can’t control and so you can use it always. You start by placing a bet on a team that you think will win a game. Then, you get on a betting exchange and lay your bet against them. This will cause you a small lose, because of how the odds work. That is why you need to find a free bet that will cover that loss and make you a profit. Since free bets can be always found, this is not a reliable strategy for any long-term planning, but you need to keep it in mind, in case you do find one.


There are a lot of misconceptions in football betting and a lot of people believe in them, despite how many times they have been proven wrong. One of the most popular ones is the Martingale System, in which you double your bet every time you lose. Not only it doesn’t guarantee that you will recuperate your losses, but with payout limits in place, it is almost impossible to find a bookie that will take your bet after several losses in a row. Plus, you have to have a massive bankroll to even begin playing it. Simply put, it is a waste of money and time.

The other thing you need to be careful about is scammers offering betting systems that are guaranteed to make you rich in just a few months. It is a completely ludicrous idea that a stay-at-home mum has discovered a surefire system that will make money on every bet and is willing to sell it for a low, low price of $99.99. The first question that comes to mind is if the system is that good, why is she selling it? Isn’t a logical thing to do keep using it, until she bankrupts every bookie on the Internet, then buy a tropical island and retire? The second question is how did such a system remain undetected by some of the best mathematical minds in the world, yet a housewife was able to discover it easily? This is one of the most persistent scams on the Internet and it is hard to believe that there are people who still fall for it. Don’t be one of them. There isn’t and probably never will be such a football betting strategy that will guarantee you win on every bet. Frankly, it is shocking that so many people believe there is.