How to Design your own Custom Wall Sticker

To enhance a bare wall or change the look of a room, the most practical and fastest solution is to decorate it with wall stickers.

Modern wall decoration

If you are renovating your home, wall decoration is one of the most important tasks to be done. These can create an incredibly good and cozy atmosphere in your home whether it is posters, watches, wall stickers or the like.

Personalized stickers

Creating them online is simple and fun. Personalized ones are the perfect product to make adults and children happy. Each sheet includes 15 personalized stickers in very high definition and with excellent printing details and colour rendering.

Print detail on custom stickers

Print personalized stickers using graphic interface. You can use any element for personalization: from photos to text to original artistic creations or logos of your company. Each one can be individually customized if necessary. You can also think of combining images and text to create messages or personalized dedications for each use of those. Thy are printed on the luxurious and sturdy anti-tear material, whose properties far exceed those of simple paper. Being thicker, the print yield is incredible. Details are reported with extreme care and even the thinnest lines are excellently reproduced. The colours are intense and vibrant and the end result is simply unmatched. Each sheet contains 15 stickers of 51mm diameter. They are printed on square bases containing the round personalized ones ready to be removed and used.

The adhesive backing of our stickers is of excellent quality and allows repositioning.

Tips and ideas for custom adhesive design

It is important to keep in mind that even if the system will allow you to customize a square area, the final product will be a round sticker. It will therefore be necessary to take care to include all the important details, including faces and text, within the circle that you will see in our graphic tool at the time of online customization.

Since print quality is extremely high you can add as many details as you want to your custom stickers. The colour reproduction is excellent, with intense and vibrant colours, perfect even for small details. In this regard you can visit sohu-shop for details.

Print personalized stickers for all occasions. If you always want to take pictures of your loved ones with you, why not print their photos for use as custom motorcycle stickers or as custom car ones? It will always remain of excellent quality on the dashboard and your family will always be ready to keep you company during the morning traffic. You can also think about printing your children’s photos and using them as bedroom stickers, to add their pictures to paintings or to original wallpaper or to use them as personalized wall decals.

Wall stickers: decorate the house with wall stencils

With the disappearance of wallpaper (at least the traditional one) and the advent of Total White “at any cost”, today’s homes that want to maintain a modern design have few choices regarding wall decoration. Or maybe not. This type have rapidly imposed the attention of the general public and those who until recently were considered simple stencil for walls to be used in the children’s room today have become real furnishing accessories.

Stencil wall designs just like what A Maker’s Studio offers, it is a creative and captivating way to transform any space. Using pre-cut templates, these designs allow you to add intricate patterns, inspiring quotes, or playful illustrations to your walls. Whether in a living room, bedroom, or nursery, stencil wall designs provide a personalized touch that makes your space truly unique and stylish. With a little imagination and artistic flair, you can achieve stunning results and create a striking focal point in your home.

This one is a great tool to give personality to your home: it can build an atmosphere, communicate a thought, and express an emotion. The wall decals also adapt to any room in the house: they guarantee originality to your living room or your kitchen, but they can also contribute to giving a particular cut to bedrooms or, why not, to the bathroom.

Can I write on the stickers?

Yes. If you plan to write on custom ones, we recommend choosing the opaque option, because in that case it will be easier to write about it. If you really want to use the glossy finish, write with a permanent marker.