Top 5 best-selling Tamil albums

We all know that India has hundreds of rich cultures, but did you know that Indians have a very deep affection for their own music. Especially for Tamil people, music is a very important part of their lives. The music in India ranges from simple melodies and hit songs to what is probably one of the most complicated classical music that you can find today. Indians first started experimenting with various string and wind instruments, as well as various kinds of drums or cymbals many centuries ago. Some even date Tamil’s classical music back to the 14th century.

A good representation of India’s love for their music is their beloved music artists. A lot of these artists have had their first breakthrough because of their film music. The soundtracks of these successful films manage to become a countrywide or even a world-wide hit in just a couple of days after the release of the film.

Because of Tamil’s success with its soundtracks, the Tamil film industry has grown considerably. They produce hundreds or even thousands of movies every single year and many of these films are musicals or feature catchy songs and dances to attract an audience. Because of this success of the Tamil film industry and music production, Tamil’s music has become a world-wide wonder and has had numerous best-selling albums around the planet.

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Here are some of the best-selling Tamil albums:

Boys – A. M. Rathnam

The soundtrack album for this film was composed by A. R. Rahman and featured sevens songs released officially on 28 June 2003. This was the 7th collaboration between Rathman and Shankar, a combination that a lot of think it is probably the most successful in whole India. All of the songs from the album managed to feature in the film “Boys”. After almost ten years, Boys was finally dubbed in Hindi and released on 15th August 2012 by Pen Music Ltd. All songs on these albums were a hit and the album was on the best-selling charts for a very long time.

When asked about the song “Girlfriend”, Shankar said that they wanted to depict the dream of an 18-year-old boy who wanted a girlfriend. Rathman managed to create that perfect tune and with the combination of Vijayan’s lyrics they created the sound they were looking for.

Power Paandi – Sean Roldan

This album was produced as a soundtrack for the film “Pa Paandi” and was composed by Sean Roldan. The album has six tracks which all of them managed to get on the top hit charts for the next few weeks after the release of the movie.

Veera – Leon James

The action film Veera first released in 2018 and featured the beautiful album composed by Leon James. The soundtrack album was released just a month after the movie’s premiere and had a few hits that made it a best-seller.

Maragatha Nanayam – Dhibu Ninan Thomas

This movie’s soundtrack album was composed by Dhibu Ninan Thomas for the movie “Maragadha Naanayam. The album was widely accepted as a hit in India.

Jackpot – Vishal Chandrasekhar

This is also a soundtrack album that is composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar that featured on the movie “Jackpot”. The movie got a mixed reception by reviewers, but the soundtracks still ended up on top of the charts.