How to Dress for Your Boyfriend


Let’s say that your anniversary is approaching, or a special date with your boyfriend like Valentine’s Day. Or you’re looking for an opportunity to spend a day (or night) with your guy. Whether it’s an ordinary day or a special occasion, it’s normal that you’re eager to impress him again and again. Us girls would lie if we’d say that the way we dress for our men isn’t one of the major points we want to pay attention to. All types of romantic encounters have something in common for us: want-to-look-better-than-ever attitude.


Of course, the main goal is to seduce him all over again and make him breathless, but it’s also the opportunity to shop for some new clothes, have fun and improve your style in general. This is why we hope that you’ll be inspired by these suggestions for a couple of pieces of clothes that should be a must in your wardrobe. Not only are they attractive, but they also make a part of ideal outfits, perfect to make your boyfriend meltdown. Let’s go!

Denim skirt


For a casual weekend with your boyfriend, a denim skirt is perfect for the occasion. It’s usually a garment that you leave stored in your wardrobe, thinking that it isn’t attractive enough – but the truth is that you can take advantage of it. High-waisted ones are an excellent option to highlight your silhouette and legs and make them more noticeable.

The perfect way to combine skirts like this would be including them in an outfit along with some basic tops with print, white or black shirts or cotton sweaters in neutral and pastel colors. Extra advice: wear them with your tops tucked in – it’ll make you look more stylish.

Floral dress


Your boyfriend will go crazy seeing you dressed in a floral dress – we promise! You simply can’t go without this cute piece of clothes in your wardrobe, especially in the summer. When it’s hot, garments like this will make you feel super romantic and comfortable (blame the flowers on that!), but also quite seductive. No wonder it’s actually a fundamental piece in which you’ll look spectacular and feminine.

And what’s even better – it’s perfect for both, day date or a night date. Accessories like a good necklace and jewelry will make this outfit even more elegant.

Lace top + jeans


Alright, so – men love lace. It’s feminine, sexy and it can look well either as underwear or as a part of regular clothes. Because of this, a lace top might make you the protagonist of the romantic weekend with your boyfriend. They are comfortable and superfine, ideal to look lovely, and they come in different shapes. A sleeveless one? A crop-top one? Or one of those long-sleeved beauties? There are different models for every taste. Just combine them with simple denim jeans and heels or sandals to give it a more chic touch.

Off-shoulder top + jeans


Show off your shoulders in a sexy and charming way! It’s not that hard to guess that these are one of the body parts that lure men in an inexplicable way.

This kind of top has been one of the most popular trends this summer season. For a casual look, you’re free to combine your off-shoulder blouse with your denim jeans or skirt. However, if you want to give it a more romantic touch, a pair of white pants or a long white flippy skirt would do a magnificent job.

Little black dress


This should probably be a number one – elegant and sexy at the same time. If you want to project this type of personality or a nice fusion of both, you should undoubtedly give a chance to this one. Its color helps with making your figure look better and more stylized. The key is to combine it with accessories that give life to the dress, as it’s generally quite basic. Jewelry or some cool accessories with a contrasting tone are ideal for this, for example.

In case you’re plus size or just have a few extra kilos, no worries – you can still wear mini dresses, but avoid choosing the ones that are rather tight. On the other hand, if you’d like to make your breast look bigger, try using “crossed” models with a belt on the waist – this will make you look curvier.

Smart combinations


There’s definitely something about those elegant clothes that drives men crazy. Something goes mad in them when they see us wearing tight, smart skirts with pearl white shirts, with glasses on our sweet noses and serious look on our faces.

Maybe it’s because of their innate affection towards uniforms – it might often be a part of their fantasies and daydreaming. Is your boyfriend one of them? Find out. Surprise him with an outfit like this regardless of the place or occasion – it would go well as an addition to an intimate evening full of passion or a simple lunch date. Of course, don’t forget to add a final touch with a ruby red lipstick, and some simple but effective necklace or small earrings, for example pearls. We’re absolutely sure that there’s no way to make a mistake with this one.

Sexy bikini for beach dates


Who says that we can’t have dates on the beach? Yes, this is also a place where you can seduce your partner, and even more, considering the fact that everyone enjoys seeing a little bit of “meat”. So  go on and show that smokin’ hot body that you worked out so hard for!

Choosing a nice swimsuit might be fundamental here. So many gorgeous models waiting for you to lay your eyes on them and make them yours! The only thing that you should take care of is to adapt the model to your body shape. Explore which ones seem to be the best options and don’t skimp on them. Speaking about it, you can check out these adorable HauteFlair sexy bikini – simply made for you, aren’t they?

High heels


Something that we do not always pay all the attention it deserves, are undoubtedly shoes. You may have the impression that they’re the least important because the outfit is something that actually attracts more. This isn’t entirely true since the shoes say a lot about our personality, much more than the rest of the clothes.

Guys love heels: and we know that heels are also rather loyal allies of all women. They stylize our legs and figure in general, making us look thinner and helping us to gain a little more height.  Also, they’re much sexier than sneakers, right? Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should throw your trainers in the trash and buy ten new pairs of stilettos. But from time to time, when you want him to spend a whole evening looking at your legs, make sure you don’t leave them out.

The best part of all this? You can combine all those things as much as you like, considering your own preferences, but also the preferences of your guy. Don’t let the routine and everyday monotony make you uninterested to make yourself look pretty for him: it’s the safest way to keep him interested and intrigued even after many years spent together.

And now, when you read this, don’t wait more – go through your closet and prepare yourself for making yourself a pleasant surprise for his eyes!