How to Gain More Subscribers and Views for Your YouTube Channel


YouTube still remains a very favorable social media outlet for earning a living, besides all the advertising problems that are associated with the platform itself. Most people, including myself, watch at least one video a day on YouTube, and some watch far more than that. This makes the platform itself very likable from a views point of view. But it can be a little tricky from a content maker’s point of view mainly because it can be very hard to pass the 1000 subscribers count. In this post, we are going to tell you how to gain more subscribers and views for your YouTube channel, that will gain the favors of the YouTube algorithms.

1. Get Busy Promoting

There are many videos on YouTube with a flashy headline such as “How To Buy Subscribers For YouTube in Just a Few Clicks”, and my advice to you is to completely ignore these videos. These videos are made from a type of content creators group that specializes in click baiting titles, and while we agree that they are really creative even with the content of the videos, they are 100% hoax. The only way to make it on YouTube as a small channel is to promote the hell out of it. For this strategy, you can use every social media platform that is available to you. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the spear tip of your marketing attack. Promote your videos to your friends, but try to do it with a bit of class instead shamelessly forcing them to watch and share. Another great (and you can even call it excellent) platform to share your videos is Reddit.


2. Give Your Self a Head Start

You can only promote your videos so much, and YouTube’s algorithms have not helped a bit. Well, there is always the option of buying subscribers for YouTube. You can use this option to greatly impact the growth of your YouTube channel, as well as, get noticed by the YouTube algorithms. There are services out there that offer real subscribers, and they are not expensive at all. You can try it and see for yourself, if you don’t like it then most services have a money back guarantee policy, and as we said, it’s worth a shot.

3. Follow the 1X4 Upload Schedule

Many of you might ask yourself about how much content you should upload on a weekly bases. Most famous YouTuber’s say that the only way to start is to follow the 1×4 upload schedule. Since many small channels have actually no experience with YouTube, the 1×4 upload schedule stands for 1 video per week for 4 weeks. If you do choose to follow the 1×4 upload schedule, remember that you will be uploading only once per week. This means that you will have a lot of time on your hands to create the best possible unique content. Always try to upload on a specific day, and never miss the upload day. This can be any day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, and as soon as you start hitting some numbers, people will know your upload schedule and they will be expecting your videos that day.


Uploading once a week will give you enough time to deliver excellent content for your audience and gain a lot of views, but you need to ask yourself- can you buy YouTube views to give you a head start over your competition? The answer is yes and a lot of content creators need a push in order to make it as a small fish in a big pond.