How To Get Verified On Instagram

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Congratulations! You finally decided to start your own business and build your brand, or perhaps you just want to impress your high school crush. You open Instagram, create an account, post cool pictures with funny captions and wait for the likes and followers to flood in but there is just one small problem. Your page interactions are at a bare minimum. Plain and simple, you’re having trouble gathering followers. The content is consistent, and you post daily at the optimum times with every hashtag imaginable from #InstaGood to #blessed. But alas, your grandparents are still the only ones that show your page any love and that high school crush, they barely remember you. On a platform with over one billion active accounts around the world, it can be a bit challenging and intimidating to stand out above the crowd.

So, what if I told you that there is a tried and true way to break through this mold. A proven #InstagramHack to place you head and shoulders above the rest. That all you need to increase your following and brand awareness is a tiny blue and white icon planted just to the right of your name. A little white checkmark that broadcasts to the world, “I’m different and you should take notice”. This verification is what truly makes a difference between a standard page on social media and one that has a sense of recognition.

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For brands and marketing companies, recognition on the digital platform is key. Companies crave the blue checkmarks that appear on platforms across the web such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. In fact, more than 25 million businesses worldwide use Instagram, making the photo-sharing app one of the more challenging battlegrounds in terms of brand recognition. As companies clamber to get on top, Instagram verification shows your audience that you’re a step above the rest. In short, it’s bragging rights converted into a tiny blue mark–and everyone on the platform wants it.

So, how does one get verified on Instagram and receive this elusive stamp? We have included a shortlist of tips to answer this question and help all those seeking to improve their brand.

Public Recognition

Earned media is a vital tool when looking to boost your brand. Whenever possible, get articles published about you and make a television or radio appearance. Essentially, get your “face” out into the open. The more exposure you have, the better your chances are of crossing into the Instagram algorithm and getting the verified badge. Gain at least twenty thousand followers and have at least ten articles written about you or your brand. With these qualifications, you would then be eligible to apply for verification when you click the request verification item in your Instagram settings.

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Once there, you can fill out the form with your Instagram username, full name and a photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license. For further help on this, we recommend Jane McGarry. Her FREE online workshop – gives insider knowledge needed to broadcast one’s brands, various endeavors, and overall message to a broad and attentive audience. You can find her twenty-minute step by step workshop and many others at or on social media by following hashtags such as #janemcgarry.

Account Proofing

Give off the idea that your account is liable for being taken or impersonated. As mentioned before, that blue icon places you on a pedestal. One that sets you apart from the millions upon millions of accounts that flood Instagram at any given moment. By showcasing to

Instagram that you are at risk of being imitated, you can increase your chances of account verification. A blue check proves to your eventual countless followers that are in fact the real deal and not just some fan-made profile.

Online Presence Across Platforms

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There’s a reason that celebrities such as Selena Gomez and major businesses such as Coca-Cola have verified accounts. They’ve proven their worth. Their names and brands are familiar to us due to their presence and the work they have put out into the world. In order to receive that blue check, showcase what you can do. Make your presence known. With no personal brand or work to showcase, what is there to verify? So, get out there and make yourself known. The more you put out, the more your name will appear online and improve your chance of being verified. Build a presence on multiple social media platforms, be active and engage.

Active Engagement

Be active and utilize the resources provided. You can’t verify an account if you don’t use the platform. Make use of the Insights feature on the Instagram business page to see what connects with your current followers and what can potentially bring in more. Take notice of the content that resonates the most with your followers and builds upon that. Don’t forget to spend time responding to comments, liking posts and exploring relevant hashtags. Engagement is key on any social platform, so get out there and mingle. Don’t forget to post at times when your users are active and not when they are sleeping. Comment, like, and share your profile. Interact with similar pages and brands to get an idea on how they bring in followers and increase brand awareness.

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Overall, Instagram verification separates you from the crowd, making it easier for you to reach the people that matter the most to you and your brand. Utilized in the proper fashion, it will boost your following on social media and raise brand awareness. By incorporating these tips into your social media habits, not only can you achieve this, but you will instantly gain an upper hand on the endless competition that resides on the social platform and eventually rise to the top.