How to Install Carpet over Hardwood Flooring and clean them

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Hardwood flooring is awesome. It adds real beauty to your house. But hardwood floor is cold as well as creates noise in walking on it. Moreover, your toddlers may stumble on it.

So what is the solution to it? Well. Just install a good carpet on it and get a warm and noise free hardwood floor. It will also prevent the floor from being dirt quickly. For more information click here.

But installing carpet over hardwood flooring for the first time can be a really tough task. You may face problems if you don’t know the perfect way of installing. And for you, I have brought up here a perfect guideline of installing carpet over hardwood as well as cleaning them. Let’s see.

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The Tools and Materials You Will Need

As like any other installation, carpet installation requires some essential tools. So you should collect all the tools and materials that you will need to install carpet over hardwood flooring. Check out the tools that you have to collect for carpet installation.

§  Vacuum

§  Broom

§  Pry bar

§  Hammer

§  Tack Strips

§  Carpet Padding

§  Duct tape

§  Staples

§  Utility knife


·         Carpet cutting blade

·         Power stretcher

·         Chalk line tool

·         Knee Kicker

·         Door transition

·         Carpet Cutter

·         Stud finder

·         8d finish nails

·         Low-tack masking tape


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Steps of installing carpet over hardwood

Installing the carpet over your existing hardwood flooring is not complicated at all if you just know the process. Follow the steps:

1. Clean your hardwood floor

Before installing the carpet, you have to clean your floor thoroughly. If you cover up your hardwood without cleaning it, dirt and debris may remain under the carpet. And it will eventually cause stains and scratches on your hardwood floor.

2.   Install Moisture Barrier

Your carpet can be leaked anytime by anyway. In that case, a moisture barrier is a must. It will protect the hardwood floor from being damaged through water leakage.

3. Use thin tack strips

Installing carpet requires nailing tack strips. And thinner tack strips can play a vital role here. If you use very thin tack strips, it will cause minimum damage t your floor.

Safety Tips

  • Use a safety mask and gloves before starting installing.
  • Use knee protector to protect your leg being injured.
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How to clean carpet over hardwood floor

You may need to clean the covering your hardwood floor. To do that, you have to follow some steps that will ensure the proper cleaning of your carpet. You can take help from professional carpet cleaning service like carpet cleaning Los Angeles. If you want to do it yourself, the steps are to some extent as follows:

Step 1: Pick up the carpet from your hardwood floor. If the carpet is too large, you will have to roll them.

Step 2: Lay down the carpet in an open space. Follow all the instruction of carpet cleaning properly. You can take an expert carpet cleaning service as well.

Step 3: Allow your carpet to dry up for 24 to 48 hours. Then install the carpet over your hardwood again.

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Installing carpet can make your nice hardwood floor warm and noise free. But at the same time, an improper installing can bring lots of problems in your house. So there is no way to know the correct method of carpet installing over hardwood flooring. And hopefully, you know it now.

Following the above-mentioned methods, you will have a perfect installation of carpet your hardwood flooring. But don’t forget to clean your carpet in a regular interval. Otherwise, your hardwood floor can get scratch due to a faulty carpet.