How to Move During Winter


Moving from one area to another can be hectic. But it is even more challenging if you are moving during winter. From the cold to the snow on the ground, relocating during the winter months has its own problems.

Even though some people love moving during winter, you need to be well prepared for a winter move. You need to pack early, get dressed for the cold season, and prepare the old and new houses.

Whether it is a DIY move or you have engaged commercial movers, you need to be well prepared for a winter move. Below are 12 tips on how to move during winter.

12 Tips on how to move during winter

1. Be flexible

The weather is unpredictable during winter. The day can be clear for a few hours and then snow in the next hours. Moreover, you will have to deal with hail, wind, and very wild weather.

Therefore, you need to be well prepared for the weather. In addition, you must be flexible. For instance, if there is a storm coming on a moving day, you may need to reschedule your move.

2. Start packing early

If you are planning to move during winter, you need to start packing as early as you can. Do not wait until the day you want to move to begin packing your items. Keep in mind that the sooner you start, the smoother it will be for your move.

3. Prepare the new home

Before you start loading the moving truck, you need to ensure the new home is ready. Keep in mind the winter weather makes moving riskier than moving during summer.

Therefore, before you start moving your items to the truck, create a good environment. Ensure the walkways are free of snow, the floor is well protected, and the house is warm.

It might also be a good idea to create some shelter along with the exposed areas. You do not want to damage your items during the move.

4. Protect your belongings


When packing your belongings, you need to ensure they are well-protected. If you have items that are prone to temperature changes. Therefore, you need to double-wrap them with thick blankets to ensure they are protected.

It might also be a good idea to load them to the truck last, and ensure you unload them first. The other way is to pack them in your car instead of a moving truck. Thus, wait until you are about to leave before you load them into the vehicle.

5. Mind your movers

Moving in winter weather is unfriendly to everyone. But it is the best time to hire office movers to help you load and unload your office items. Luckily, they are skilled and better equipped to deal with winter challenges.

To ensure they work effectively, you can prepare some coffee or hot tea for them. This will warm them up and they take a break. They will appreciate it and ensure everything is well moved.

6. Get your car ready for a winter move

Whether it is a long-distance move or just a local move, you need to make sure your car is ready for the winter move. Confirm that your car is running properly. Do not wait until the last minute to check whether your car is running well. You do not want to be stranded in the cold.

In addition, make sure you load everything you need in your cold. Keep in mind there are several things you need for the cold weather.

For instance, you need ice scrapers and tire chains. This will ensure you are well prepared for anything that will happen on the road. It is wise to be over-prepared than to be underprepared.

7. Allow additional travel time

Driving during the winter months may take longer than driving on clear roads. Therefore, you need to allow additional travel time to get to your new home or office.

If the movers will meet you at your new house to unload your items, make sure you keep in touch with them.

8. Choose a moving day that works well for your move

Even though moving winter comes with numerous challenges, it is the best time when movers are flexible. This means you can choose a moving day that works well for you.

But make sure you have enough time to sort your belongings and pack them. You need to ensure big furniture and the boxes are ready for the move.

9. Prepare utilities in advance

Another important thing you need to do to ensure your winter move is successful is to prepare the utilities in the new home. Make sure you turn on the heater, gas, and others to warm up the new house.

10. Dress for the winter weather

When preparing to move during winter, you need to ensure you have the right clothes for the weather. But ensure the clothes will be comfortable and ensure you can easily lift the boxes.

11. Ensure the old and new houses are ready for the movers

The best way to make sure you move smoothly during winter is to make sure the old and the new houses are ready for the movers. For example, you need to ensure the boxes are ready when they arrive in the old apartment.

In addition, make sure the new home is ready with towels, doormats, and you have prepared some tea or coffee. This will make sure the movers and other people stay warm all the time.

12. Make sure you take breaks


Whether it is a DIY move or you have hired professional movers, you need to take breaks when relocating your belongings. This will make sure the entire process moves on smoothly.

When you feel tired or too cold, take a rest. When taking a break, make sure you take a cup of tea or coffee and drink enough water. Make sure everyone takes a good rest to ensure they are fully recharged.


Moving during the winter months is not easy. The cold weather, snow, and many other challenges make the process a stressful one. Thus, you need to be well prepared for the winter mover.

Nevertheless, it is inexpensive and much fun for some people. This is because the roads are not packed and you can choose the best day to move your items.