How to Organize a Bollywood Theme Party 2024


A Bollywood-themed is definitely the perfect way to create a fun event with the elegance of the Hollywood atmosphere. Also, one of the most perfect formulas to enjoy the rhythms and essence of India. This country is one of the most exciting places on the planet – and there are millions of things to discover and explore within it. That’s why their culture and art attract people who want the liberation of the soul’s ties with the matter, spiritual healing and the inexorable search for happiness. The term Bollywood arises from Indian cinema and the entire film industry that generates it. It’s characterized by great musical scenes that blend perfectly with spectacular and colourful Indian dances.


Indian cinema has brought us great scenes in the film industry, so if you want to enjoy the best moments that Bollywood movies have given us, throw an unforgettable party. A shiny event with Bollywood choreographies and the legendary songs that have hypnotized millions of people will be the best of recipes to find fun and the most authentic joy.

In case you think this is an exhausting and complex thing to do, no worries – here you can find a mini-guide for organizing a lovely gathering by yourself.

Choose the perfect place


The perfect way to make one of these parties with a touch of Hindu culture is to get a space that is ideal for one of these celebrations. Once you know how many people you will be who will attend the evening, you should focus on finding the right place where your India-themed party will take place. If you don’t have much time for planning, one of the options that you can assess is to leave the entire organization in charge of a specialized company.  The only thing you need to do is to get in touch with and explain your preferences. Be super-specific and feel free to provide them with all the details. They’ll put a perfectly decorated private lounge or any other type of preferred space at your disposal. And not only that, but they also might include a menu and some entertainment activities or ideas.

In the event that you prefer to organize the event yourself and personally take care of all the necessary preparations, you can use some space in your house as a place for the party. If you choose your home, it’s preferable for the party to take place in an open space such as a garden or a balcony. However, if it’s not possible, you can always make a celebration indoors.

Invitations? Yes, please!


The invitations for a themed party aren’t a must. But if you feel like being creative and adding this detail as well, go on!

Your invitations must have at least 3 key elements: Hindu patterns, bold colours and the metallic gold colour. Because, well, that’s what India looks like! Keep in mind that the more design your invitations have, the more expensive they’ll be. If your budget allows it, you can add a cute brooch on the cover of your invitations – it will make a big difference and also represent a nice souvenir or memory.

Think about decoration


The decoration of the celebration like this is one of the central and most important points for the evening to truly become an authentic recreation of Indian aesthetics and culture. You can use some Bollywood movies as a reference and inspiration for some Bollywood movies.

As your decoration will probably already have many bright colours, you don’t want to get carried away by too many ornaments. It would be overwhelming for the eyes of your guests (and your eyes, too!) to include too many colours throughout the room. Instead, keep it simple with colourful, and not very large flowers, some elegant balloons that you can find on, some silver forks and spoons, and, for the entrance of your reception, you can place a beautiful curtain of flowers for your guests to pass through it.

Choose authentic food


In Hindu culture, food is one of the elements that stand out the most. It is for this same reason that in one of these celebrations you must keep in mind all the most traditional dishes of this eastern region. You can even prepare a whole candy bar with the rarest sweet flavours of India.

No matter what, here you simply can’t miss the food in abundance, so make sure you set up a menu with traditional and typical dishes of this culture, offering variety in food and drinks. You can include in the menu some recipes such as biryani, curry, bhajis or chutneys, etc. Also, do not forget to offer guests some authentic tea in a teapot.


Regarding the sweet part of the evening, you can ask your baker to prepare a cake with cushion stands, gold patterns, flowers and an elephant figure on the top. There’s also a possibility to choose cupcakes instead of a cake if you prefer. Actually, the options for your dessert table are endless – it’s all about the taste of your guests. Also, use a golden tablecloth for your table. The more colours you use, the more appetizing everything will look.

Remind your guests to bring their costumes


Don’t forget to tell all attendees to come dressed in typical Indian clothes and with accessories of the same kind. Bomber pants, tops full of glitter, turbans, tunics, bracelets, necklaces, large earrings … and everything they can think of to be part of this reception.

Feeling inside the skin of the favourite Bollywood’s actors will be much easier if you have the right outfit. A fundamental part of the films of this style are their curious and daring dresses, so you simply can’t miss one of these themed parties. Your outfit could be as simple as a white skirt with a shiny gold blouse, to something more extravagant like a multicoloured sponge skirt.

Let’s dance!


Obviously, hip movements are also required at a Bollywood party. In case you’d like to make an even more authentic atmosphere, you can hire professional dancers. This might be one of the formulas to create the most amazing atmosphere with each and every one of your guests. You’ll definitely leave them wrapped in the sparkly musical vibe.

Whether you want to organize your children’s parties or adults, dances should be one of your main protagonists. Therefore, you will have to keep in mind that your spaces are large enough so that everyone can get on the track to move with the rhythms of India. Regarding the music part, in case you don’t want to hire musicians, there’s an easier option – simply find some music online on websites like pagalworld.


These were some of the most important steps towards the celebration of your dreams. You see – it’s not that difficult. And now, take some notes, and make your creative, vivid, Hindi universe shine bright like a diamond!