How to Recognize Se*ual Assault and When You Need a Lawyer

Canada experiences more than 460,000 se*ual assaults every year, but only about 3% of those attacks are reported to the police. Part of the problem is that a lot of se*ually aggressive behavior gets misclassified as something other than assault. If you feel like you may have been the victim of se*ual assault, you shouldn’t give the perpetrator the benefit of the doubt. By contacting a law office such as the MassTsang se*ual assault lawyers, you can get the legal representation you deserve in this stressful time.

What is Se*ual Assault?

Part of the reason you should seek out a se*ual assault lawyer for aid after a traumatic experience is so you can determine whether what happened to you qualifies as se*ual assault in your province. The actual laws for abuse vary depending on the location, but virtually every law qualifies unwanted se*ual contact as a crime. This can include forced contact, but it can also include coercion, the use of intoxicants, and groping. The most important thing to remember is that nobody is allowed to touch you in a se*ual manner without your express consent, and you have the right to revoke that consent at any time.

It Can Happen to Anyone

Nobody is immune to the risk of se*ual assault. Although most people associate this crime with certain genders, ages, and social situations, everybody is at least at some degree of risk of becoming a victim. This can include men, the elderly, and even somebody married to the perpetrator. You should never assume that you can’t be the victim of an assault. Similarly, you should never put off a call to a se*ual assault lawyer under the belief that nobody will believe you. A lawyer will go over the details of your situation and strive to make sure that you get the fair treatment you deserve.

Consulting with a Lawyer

Whether through assault, coercion, or other circumstances, you should consider yourself a victim of se*ual assault if somebody contacted you in a se*ual way without your consent. This goes beyond matters of intercourse. Somebody who touches you in an intimate way, above or below clothing, can be just as guilty of this crime. If you experience this unwanted se*ual contact, you should talk to a se*ual assault lawyer as soon as possible. You may have fears about doing so, and that is natural. Tell your lawyer about those fears. If you are worried that the report might have a negative repercussion on your job or family situation, your lawyer will help. Once you consult with a lawyer, they are devoted to your cause and your rights.

Hiring a se*ual assault lawyer means having somebody in your corner during this difficult time. If you are in the Toronto region, Mass Tsang is an excellent first step. They can help you get the guidance you need and can try your case in an effective and professional manner that will hopefully get you the results you deserve.

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