Zack Martin Has A Simple Recipe How To Solve Offense Problems

There is no doubt that Dallas Cowboys are one of the biggest sports franchises and a team that is loved by a huge number of fans. Knowing that, there are always high expectations from the squad, but after three weeks of this season, things are not looking all that great. There is still time for them to bounce back, and Zack Martin is one of the guys that might have the solution for their offense.

His advice is to “Go small.” Here is what he said: “I think it comes back to something I’ve done, something our coaches told us in college. Go back to the basics, do the little things right. As simple as that sounds, it really works. Communicating and executing simple plays gets us to turn the corner.”

At the moment Cowboys are at 1-2, and the biggest issue is the offense, they simply are not gaining enough yards to score. We already wrote about this, but unfortunately, it really doesn’t look like the things will change in the weeks to come.

In the first game of the season, Prescott was sacked six times, and in the third game, that they also lost, he was sacked five times. That is a total of 11 sacks in two games. That is simply too much, and Zack Martin is fully aware of that fact.

Here is what he said on that topic: “We’ve done a good job with the silent cadence. I don’t look at it and say that’s the problem. We’ve played on the road a bunch before and had no problem, so I don’t think it’s a road or a home thing. Obviously in the first three weeks we have not done a great job. One of our biggest problems on offense, I think, is not staying in front of the chains. We just have to play better. We know it starts with us up front. It’s hard to get going if we’re not doing our job. We (offensive line) watched the tape together and expressed we have to go out there and do our job better.”

It is interesting to note that those 11 sacks came in two road games while during the home clash, opposing defenders couldn’t reach Dak. That match wasn’t perfect, but still, America’s Team managed to win. Hopefully, pieces of the puzzle will fit in nicely, and we will see performance improvements.