How to Set Up A Functional Gaming Room


Every game lover knows the importance of having a gaming room that is not just attractive but functional. Serious game lovers don’t just play their games in the living room or bedroom; they set aside a room no matter how small. This allows them to enjoy their gaming time with little or no distraction. As a passionate game lover, there are many things that you should have in mind when thinking of setting up a gaming room. But the purpose of this article is not to bore you with many ideas that may leave you confused.

We shall narrow down the basics when setting up a gaming room. This will cover those interested in playing their games through a video game console or on a PC. These basics include a gaming desk, chair, a keyboard, and a mouse, the PC, and at least one monitor. Let’s get right into it.

What you will need for setting up a PC gaming room

A Gaming Desk


This is the first thing you want to pay attention to. It’s a good idea to go for a desk that can fit right into the space of your gaming room. A desk with a flat but broad surface that can comfortably house your monitor(s), PC or monitor, keyboard and mouse as well as other accessories will do.

If the desk comes with some storage drawers and shelves beneath, that will give you more space to store your controllers, games and other accessories. A rectangular desk is perfect if you have a lot of space in the gaming room. If you are constrained by space or just want to have extra space in the room, you can go for an L-shaped desk as suggested by EverDesk+.

A Gaming Chair


This is about the most important aspect you should pay strict attention to. The reason is that you spend most of the time sitting on this chair when playing games. Therefore, there is a need that the chair “MUST” be comfortable. When it comes to gaming chairs, choose comfort overlooks.The gaming chair should look and feel like what can be used in an office. This means that it should have armrests, are adjustable in both angle of decline and height, and of course, have wheeled bases to move you around easily. Some chairs come with massage features, Bluetooth capabilities, inbuilt speakers, adjustable armrests and many more. Just go for the one you can afford, but without sacrificing comfort. You can check this link for best budget picks by experts.

Points to remember when choosing a gaming chair are material, ergonomics, size, full-body as well as lumbar support.

Gaming Monitors


Your gaming monitors need to have a comfortable place for them. This is another place you consider comfort because you don’t want to be straining your neck when playing a game. If your gaming setup is haphazard, you may have your monitor falling down and crashing while you are in the middle of an interesting game.

Ensure that your monitor is elevated just a little bit above your eye level. You can opt for monitor mounts that can be attached to the desk or wall. Or you can look into other options like full-motion mount, articulating mount, height-adjustable one, or multi-monitor mount if you have more than one monitor.

Gaming Accessories


Your keyboard and mouse need a good pad for proper traction. If you are going for speakers, you can either mount them on the desk, keep them on the floor, or get a speaker stand. It is important that the cables are well tucked away and out of sight. Other things you could consider are a mini-fridge for snacks and water for those days you spend long hours playing.

What you will need for setting up a Game Console

This is for those that are playing on a PlayStation, an Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. You will need the following:

A Gaming TV


You most likely need a TV, a stand or amount for the TV so that it is slightly elevated above eye level. Such a stand can include some storage space where you can store your consoles, headsets, controllers, chargers, and others.

A Gaming Chair


For console games, you will need a floor chair made specifically for games. And, your TV needs to be elevated so that you are comfortable while playing with your handheld controllers.

The two basic types of chairs for console games are floor and rocker. Floor chairs come in the form of soft, large cushions. Rocker chairs are usually sturdy and L-shaped that rock front to back freely while still making room for recline. Floor chairs are more comfortable, while rocker chairs provide a little bit more support.

Decorating ideas for your gaming room


We have mentioned the basics, but there are other things you should probably look into when it comes to decorating your gaming room. You will need LED strip lighting to create some futuristic lighting for your gaming room. Blackout blinds will reduce the glare on your TV or monitor screens.

Floating shelves will keep your collectibles in place while making the gaming room look stylish. You could also consider posters and prints on the wall. And anything that catches your fancy.

Final Thoughts

There are other ideas that can help you decide on how to set up your gaming room. But the ones contained in this piece will do. This guide will help you set up your gaming room without stress so that you can pay attention to enjoying your gaming time.