How to Set Your Profile on a Dating Website

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The Internet has not only affected our everyday life and how we conduct business, but it has also changed the rules when it comes to dating. Nowadays, it is completely normal to join any online dating website and meet people this way.

However, since there are many websites you can sign up for, like, and they all have thousands of users, creating a profile that is appealing and that won’t get lost in the crowd, can be quite tricky. Because of this, we have gathered a list of tips you can use when setting your profile on any of the top free dating sites.

The first thing a lot of people usually don’t do is fill in all the information. Many kinds of researches have shown that the more you share about yourself, the more interesting you get, which means that you should not leave a single blank space. If there is a question about your hobbies, answer it. If there is an option to link your profile to your Facebook or Instagram page, do it. If you can post 5 pictures, upload them.

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Furthermore, you shouldn’t hide your face in the photos, especially in the profile one. People might think that your profile is phony since you are not showing them who you are, which is why they are probably just going to scroll through. This same thing goes if you opt for blurry photos or the group ones where people cannot tell who you are. Instead, choose full-body photos or the ones where you are smiling.

When signing up for dating sites for free, you want to intrigue others, but not bore them. This is a fine line that many people cross without realizing it. Instead of writing a full-length essay about your career or hobbies, you should go with a short paragraph that just gives hints about who you are. Not only are users going to ignore your long descriptions, but they will also not have a reason to contact you, because they will learn everything from your profile. Being a bit mysterious is always a good thing.

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What’s more, another great way to present you is to add small details to your profile page. Rather than writing that you love movies, music or book, you should list two or three of your favorite films, bands or novels. This way you are increasing the chances that someone whose interests are similar to yours will contact you and you will have something to discuss.

Lastly, don’t forget to be honest. What is the point of even using these apps if you are going to pretend to be something you are not? It is understandable that you want to present yourself in the best light possible, but if you tell too many lies, the other person will see through them sooner or later, and end your communication. Even though it may be difficult, try to be open about your character and attitudes, and show the fun side of your personality. That is the thing that is going to make you stand out.