How to take a Selfie without Damaging Wild Life

We love taking pictures of animals with ourselves. It depends on our choices, some want to take a picture with cute and cuddling animals, on the other hand, some want to take a picture with the giant and deadliest ones. These days some animal welfare organization is calling seminars to make aware while capturing a photo with wildlife. When wildlife viewing practices have improved in the past few years, local and international organizations pushed for creating awareness about the behaviors with animals.

Have you heard about the “Selfie Code”? Yes, the organization named ”World Animal Protection” launched this event to share the rules about taking photos with wild animals without reaching them hurt. We will discuss our responsibilities and the facts over this into the next phase. If you want to learn more about this and similar topics click here, but also, keep on reading!

Do and Don’t about the selfie code:

The wildlife selfie codes make sure that a traveler should not avoid the selfie code while experiencing a wildlife situation. The codes have been made with versatile organizations and peoples that enforce best practices to make this happen. The key is all about the way of taking a photo. Its a bit easy to avoid cruelty when snapping pictures with wild animals. You can take the “wildlife selfie” as a tool for the people to maintain the dos and don’ts. It will teach you about the whole procedure you should walk through while capturing a snap.

Care about the Animals:

As there are so some international organizations which are working to save animals for a while, then addressed endangered animals and the vibe of taking photos with them. There are some popular social media sites based on photos only, like Instagram where people are in a competition to prove themselves a step ahead from another. People are not just happy with taking photos of them, they are doing something more sometimes like posting photos with tigers, monkeys, riding on an elephant, swimming with dolphins and so on. Do you know there are almost 550,000 animals in captivity and being abused for human entertainment?

It’s possible only if you want:

When the selfie code was published there are almost 235,000 people from around the world have committed to maintaining the rules. There was an event held on Instagram by the users in 2017, where the people who show abusing with animals have posted the photo with a hashtag. So, you need to be careful with the wild animals. It’s very alarming and increasing day by day so we need to be sincere to maintain the selfie code and save the animals from abuse.