How to Win a Bobblehead Giveaway in a Match Contest

Are you preparing for a game of baseball, hockey or even basketball? Obviously, there will be a lot of giveaways, and probably you could win a bobblehead. The has a wide variety of bobbleheads which can be part of the prizes in any match.

A history of bobbleheads and sports

Bobbleheads have won the hearts of many people. It’s not by surprise that there is a craze that won’t just go away. They have become common giveaways to fans and teams of certain matches such as baseball. They are given as rewards to fans who attend a match. Well, even winners are getting their favorite bobbleheads.

If you are a team and would like to attract fans to your contest match, then you need to get the most popular bobblehead for your game. Even players are getting perplexed by bobblehead giveaways, especially the highly prized options. The internet has all manner of contests. In this review, we look at ways in which you can prepare for a match contest where the prizes are bobbleheads. Let’s get started.


Entering matches is a fun and a perfect way of sharpening your skills. Regardless of the type of competition, there is time for winning and losing. However, for you to win, you need the right strategy and ample preparation.

Most contest matches will give various prizes; however, it may be hard knowing the specific types of presents. You can do a quick search on the internet and see the kind of sporting activities available in your area. Then choose those that will give away bobbleheads as presents.

Most importantly choose a sporting activity where you are likely to win. Get to know the judges and the contestants so that you can be able to gauge your probability of winning.

Don’t be overconfident

If you are eyeing a popular bobblehead, most likely, you want your best sports personality. If you are in a mission to win a game where the prize is a bobblehead, don’t be too overconfident. It can work against you, especially if your opponent notices the bullishness.

Many people may become easily scared or drop out. A little confidence will do no harm, stay strong regardless of whether you’re in doubt.

Study the competitors

Well, your favorite bobblehead boy is just around the corner. However, your competitors could prove to be the most difficult hurdle. Remember you’ll be competing with other candidates who are equally strong. Focus on the prize, which is the bobblehead boy.

The next thing is to concentrate your efforts on the competitors. Layout strategies on how to beat them start by pinpointing the strongest opponent so that you can decide on the strategy to beat them.

Study the list of your past competitors while focusing on the past winners. Relook at their winning strategy, watch past videos and read information about the competitors. Do they have any special strengths? What are their weaknesses? Look at ways to match your strategy to their strategy.

Join the competition

After studying the behavior of your opponents, it’s now time to enter the contest and win the giveaways. Look out for the application process, whether it’s online or requires you to be physically present. Check out for any fees payable.

Pay early to avoid last-minute mishaps. Sometimes it’s wise to pay early as many people might rush at the last minute. If there are any receipts, ask for them and keep safe. Ask about the prizes and types of bobblehead boys up for grab.

On the day of the contest, get to the venue early. It is notably true especially if the match involves some prior preview. For example, if it’s an essay writing competition, there may be a lot of entries, especially when it’s almost ending time. By joining early, the judges are not yet tired and will have ample time reviewing your work. This, therefore, increases your chance of going home with a bobblehead boy.

Learn the basic rules and train

To escape from any surprises on the big day, let the rules be on your fingertips. This helps in knowing what is expected and reduces your chance of being disqualified. Find a professional or a coach to boost your chances and get the right gear for the match. Have a training routine to enable you to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence.

Try different styles that will catch your competitors unaware. These are some of the hidden cards you can put under the table. It’s important not to miss any training session as this can greatly affect your performance on the game, thereby dimming your chance of winning a bobblehead.

Visualize your self-winning

Before you enter the competition, visualize winning, and this helps you envision success. It also helps in boosting your concentration and overall focus. However, it shouldn’t be mistaken with overconfidence.

Maintain good health

Lastly, be prepared both physically and mentally. Before the competition, you need to take enough sleep. When it comes to food, eat a balanced diet and take plenty of water. Take light exercises, and this will boost your blood circulation and mental ability.



There are dozens of promotions on the internet, and social media advertising for bobbleheads are prized. You only need to check the favorite game and participate, follow the rules and win your favorite bobblehead. If you want fans to attend your show, then you must giveaway the trendiest bobblehead around.