How To Win The Heart Of A Chinese Girl? 

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Have you ever thought about having a Chinese girlfriend? Have you ever thought about what an experience that could be? But have you also asked yourself how could you win the heart of one? Dating a Chinese girl is not like your typical western gals. They’re far more attached to you, they care for your wellbeing, and they’re super nice.

So with all that said, how could one win the heart of a Chinese girl? Well, we’re going to be discussing that in this article.

Impress Her

The best thing to do, to win a girl’s heart, is to impress her. But Chinese girls aren’t easily impressed. So how to impress her? Well, there are a few ways you can do this, and the best ones are:

Learn Her Language

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The Chinese language is very complex and hard. Furthermore, there are so many variations of it that you’ll probably end up speaking the wrong one. But you can easily impress her by learning the basics of how to introduce yourself to her. Believe us that if you approach her and let her know that you know some Chinese, she will be instantly impressed and eager to know more about you.

But for a pro tip, learn how to give her compliments in Chinese.

Get Her Gifts

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Women absolutely love gifts. She might not even be a materialistic girl, but she will definitely feel more wanted if you get her something cool. When on the subject of gifts, your options are endless. From romantic Chinese gifts to basic girlfriend gifts, the world of gift-giving is truly endless.

If you’re truly lost on what to get a Chinese girl, then the best place for it would be to visit This website gives you the best insight into what a Chinese girl wants. One other thing though, she will turn down your gift a couple of times before accepting; it just shows how hard it is to win the heart of a Chinese gal.

Respect Her and Her Family

You’re not expected to know this, but family values are very important in Chinese culture. For a foreigner, this might sound weird but if you want to win her heart, then you have to respect both her and her family. In Chinese culture, the parents and grandparents teach the young ones about family values. These values are to be respected and understood if you are to date her. The first thing you must do, if you are to win her heart, is to get approval from her family.

  Tell Her How You Feel

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Chinese girls aren’t like your typical western girls, as we mentioned before. A western girl will keep her feelings to herself, so much that when she tells you how she feels you will be left confused. A Chinese girl, on the other hand, will instantly tell you how she feels, and straight to the face. If she feels upset, she will make sure you know that. If she feels happy, she will make sure you know of it. So if you want to win her heart, then you need to instantly tell her how you feel about her. Trust us when we say this; go with your gut and don’t hold back, it will be worth it at the end.