How Virtual and Augmented Reality are Changing the Gaming Industry

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have both been around for a long time. In fact, both technologies have been known since 1838. This was when Charles Wheatstone invented the stereoscope. It was a device for the eyes that serve as a 3D image viewer.

Wheatstone’s invention was basically the first device that made use of both AR and VR. This was followed by more inventions, but all of those were never commercially available. Early AR and VR devices were mainly made for science and training purposes.

It was just really a few years ago when both technologies were introduced to the market. In 2016, Oculus released its Virtual Reality headset called the Oculus Rift and it’s when it started to become popular with many gamers.

AR technology, on the other hand, was also introduced to the market around that time in the form of games. Ingress was one of the first AR-powered games that allow its players to move around and experience reality in a different way.

If you haven’t heard of Ingress, a more popular game that also makes use of the AR technology is Pokemon Go. When these games were released in the second half of 2016, everybody seems to have downloaded it on app stores.

Making both VR and AR technologies easier to access by gamers or consumers simply improved the revenue of the gaming industry worldwide. This is why many companies see both technologies as the future of gaming.

Many companies in the gaming industry immediately answered to the demands of VR and AR powered games right after Oculus Rift was released. It also didn’t take long for other companies like HTC and PlayStation to release their own VR devices.

Aside from gaming companies, even the gambling industry has also incorporated these technologies into their products. There are now downloadable casino games that allow players to play their favorite game of slots or poker as if they are in an actual casino.

Many casino software providers are now looking at changing the online casino industry through these technologies. is encouraging the games and software providers to make use of the VR technology.

Aside from online casinos, land-based casinos could also benefit from using such technologies. They can have VR machines available for their guests. What many really see is that VR can be used by land casinos to help new guests get used to the floor atmosphere.

VR sections can be placed inside a casino and this is where newbies can first stay and get acquainted with games that they can play on the floor itself. Basically. VR, in this way, can be used to train newbies before they spend actual money on the floor.

Aside from that, land casinos can also create a game or software that could help promote their business. These casinos can let players who still choose to stay at home and experience what it’s like when or if they visit a casino. If they do this the right way, it’s possible that they can lure in more players.

Now, many casino-goers prefer playing casino games online and with a VR device because they no longer have to dress something fancy just to be able to visit a casino. This is most likely something that gamers really appreciate about virtual reality. They can be what they want and do what they want in the comfort of their home.

AR is different when it comes to this aspect. Most games powered with AR technology would require players to go to places to make some progress. Going back to Pokemon Go, players will have to visit specific places in order to collect Pokemons.

Despite being different, many are still appreciative of experiencing both in the games that they play. This is why Mixed Reality (MR) came about. The MR experience consists of both AR and VR technologies. Currently, Microsoft’s HoloLens is the most popular MR apparatus.

Mixed Reality is basically the joining of the digital and physical world. This still mainly leans on Augmented Reality, but playing a game with mixed reality means that you’ll need to make use of a device to explore the virtual world. 

It’s true that when Oculus Rift was released in 2016, it didn’t become popular right away. However, nowadays, VR and AR are already considered to be in the mainstream markets. It helped that many gaming influencers online are using these devices.

Companies like Oculus and PlayStation are sponsoring many gaming personalities online to market their products. Surely, such devices can still cost a fortune, but as both technologies become more and more popular, it probably won’t take long before such devices will be cheaper.