Things to consider when choosing flowers

Whether it is a whole wedding, a moderately attended anniversary party or a small dinner party, there is one important thing that deserves a little effort and time; the centerpiece. Waiting until last minute to decide on an arrangement, or selecting the flowers for a centerpiece after minimal research, could come back to haunt you during the dinner. When selecting the right floral centerpieces for your event, there are some factors you need to keep in mind to make sure that do more good than harm.


Once you have an idea of how much tables there will be at your event (including reception, decorative tables, and buffet) you can use that number to determine the number of centerpieces you will need. Then divide your budget by that number of centerpieces to determine how much you can spend on each of those centerpieces.

You can play around with that number a bit. For example, if you spend a little less on the guest tables, you will have more budget to spend on a grand arrangement for the entrance table and reception. If your budget is not as big as you thought it would be, consider using fewer tables that can site more people or get flowers that are in season to save some money.

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Venue Restrictions

You will definitely want to look into your venue’s regulations or rules before you make any important decision. A lot of facilities have restrictions on breakable glass, open flames or on common allergies. Sometimes, hosting sites will have restrictions on which vendors you can use as well. Checking for these limitations before you make any decisions will prevent any drama from ensuing. Some venues can also have regulation about who can set up and clean up, so keep those things in mind when selecting your arrangement.

Table shape

The shape of the table is one of the main factors you need to consider when deciding on the centerpiece. For a round table, your centerpieces should be round and look good from any angle. Square tables are compatible with either square or round centerpieces. You can use the shape of your vase to dictate the shape of the bouquet. A round vase will obviously create a round arrangement, while a rectangular vase will coax flowers in an oblong shape.

When it comes to oval or rectangular tables, you will have more room to play around. The longer the table, the more arrangements you can put on it. Selecting bouquets of different heights have a very aesthetically pleasing effect, and you will have more space to around with shapes and colors.

Height is also an important factor when relating to table shape. If the table is round, eight to ten inches is ideal. You do not want the centerpiece to block the view of people and impede conversation. You can use taller arrangements on reception or buffet tables, and also on long rectangle tables only if they are placed between seats so they do not the guests’ view of the ceremony or dance.