HTC 11 Concept Rendering showed up online

A few weeks back we had a chance to see the renders of the new HTC Ocean device, and now we have the same opportunity, but this time it is about the HTC 11 smartphone. The concept photos of Ocean showed a new design from Taiwanese tech giant that featured a gadget that comes without a volume rocker or a power button, any navigation buttons and a possibility that gestures would be used for moving over screens and in applications.

Now we have render images and video of the HTC 11 that is due to arrive sometime mid next year since its predecessor was released about six months ago. The design of the of the new smartphone is bringing edge-to-edge setup, very similar to the ones used by Samsung on its devices. The HTC Ocean and HTC 11 are similar in one thing. They are both buttonless, meaning that the Contextual Touch Sensitive Frame Technology is coming or will be featured at least on the HTC 11. Without a doubt, it is looking pretty good. One more thing that the new flagship is preparing to bring is the waterproof case which is swiftly becoming a must for every manufacturer’s top-shelf device.

What also is expected here is for us to see a dual camera setup at the gadgets slightly curvy back with 12 and 8 megapixels units. While at the front 8 megapixel and the wide-angle sensor is coming. The display will be 5.5-inch QHD and right under it will be the front facing stereo speakers. The internals of the HTC 11 will consist out of yet to be announced Snapdragon 830 System-on-Chip and 6GB of RAM as well, which will make this one a beast of a device. What goes without saying is that this new smartphone will come with fast wireless charging and a USB Type-C port at the bottom of it.

The HTC 11 shown here is extraordinary and if the production device ends up anything like the gadget shown in pictures we believe that other manufacturers will have to offer their best to compete with them or just to come close to the newest offering from HTC.

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