Novak Djokovic Continues to Struggle

Novak Djokovic is definitely one of the greatest players of all time and he has been consistent for three years. Be that as it may, lately, he suffered some injuries and that is one of the main reasons why his form is on a decline. But are there other problems that affect his game?

He started to struggle at Wimbledon this year when he was beaten by Sam Querrey in the third round. Furthermore, at the Olympics, Juan Martin Del Potro shocked the world number one with fantastic performance. He was bitterly disappointed after the loss in the first round. In addition to that, Stan Wawrinka also won against Novak in the US Open Finals, where Djokovic struggled with injuries.

There are some issues outside the court that affected Djokovic’s game. He said: “It’s tough to go back now and talk about that. It was nothing physical. It’s not an injury. It was some other things that I was going through privately.” Some people believe that he has problems with his wife Jelena, but we can’t know that for sure.

Moreover, he declared:“We all have private issues and things that are more challenges than issues, more things that we have to encounter and overcome in order to evolve as a human being.”

In addition, Serbian tennis player lost in Shanghai Masters which opens an opportunity for Andy Murray to take the first place by the end of the year. He lost his match against Bautista, which was unexpected. After one point, Djokovic was so upset that he smashed a racquet and ripped his shirt. He was also upset with the chair umpire because of some decisions.

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Djokovic also stated:“It’s not yet over. There are a couple of big tournaments still along the way: Paris and London.”

Murray is now behind Djokovic with only 915 points less and this is a great opportunity for him to become No. 1. However, we would like to see Djokovic overcoming his obstacles and be as strong as before.