Huge NFL Star Joining WWE?

We all know that there are many wrestlers who originally didn’t plan to go into this business as they wanted to play other sports. There are so many examples of guys that didn’t make it in football, or boxing or other sports and they decided that they are going to try to make it in the world of wrestling. Guys like Roman Reigns and The Rock actually played football but failed to make a bigger impact in the big league.

WWE is always looking for those kinds of guys. People who have the look of true superheroes and that look larger than life. What the company is also after is people who already have an established name. For example, you have someone like Ronda Rousey who is going to attract the mainstream media to follow the wrestling a bit more closely. Everybody is going to write about her first match, which is just the publicity that WWE wants to get.

So, is there somebody that already has their name established, but as a sports star that is not Ronda Rousey and is interested in maybe coming over to the WWE. Well, look no further than the New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski.

After the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl, Gronk has stated that he is not sure whether or not he is going to play next year. He is also a fan of the WWE, and his good friend Mojo Rawley is telling everybody that he thinks Rob is going to come to the WWE. According to him, it is not a matter of if he will be with the WWE, but when. That might come sooner than most people expect.