New Rampage Trailer

One of Dwayne Johnson’s new movies is getting closer to its release date, so now we finally get to have another sneak peek at the Rampage film. Namely, the latest trailer for this highly-anticipated movie features a gorilla, a wolf, and a crocodile that walk around and ransack the city. But, there’s The Rock, as well, of course.

Johnson plays a primatologist Davis Okoye who makes friends with a silverback gorilla George. However, while George is docile and kind at first, a mysterious “Project Rampage” changes it completely, turning it into a beast, a supersized animal which can and is about to crush practically everything on its way. As you can guess, that’s when Davis (Dwayne Johnson) takes over control so as to save his friend George, but also to solve the mystery behind such a tremendous change in its behavior.

As you probably already know, the Rampage movie was inspired by a video game of the same title. Ryan Engle came up with the idea of turning this video game into a film, and he trusted it to Ryan J. Condal, Carlton Cuse, and Adam Sztykiel to write the script for it. Brad Peyton (known for San Andreas and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island) is at the helm of the project.

Aside from Dwayne Johnson, Rampage will also star Naomi Harris, Jake Lacy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Malin Akerman.

As you can see, the movie sounds promising for now, so do not miss its premiere on April 20. In the meantime, take a look at the latest trailer below. You know that we are here to make sure you’re among the first ones to find out the latest news on the upcoming movies, and this one’s no exception, so stay tuned for more. Follow us and we promise we’ll keep you updated.