Hundreds of new Emoji coming in iOS 11.1!

Apple has prepared iOS 11.1, and with it, we have few surprises. Certainly one of the biggest is the huge number of new emoji that will allow you to express more things with interesting pictures.

Both iPhone and iPad will receive 11.1 version of iOS and with it hundreds of emoji. This set brings new faces, and now you can shush down people and calm them down that way but also show them how angry you are.

Among new things are gender-neutral characters but also a new orange heart. “I Love You” emoji has been added in honor of American Sign Language.

This is not all as we are getting gloves, coats and scarves. Furthermore, they added unicorns, dinosaurs and dark eves.

Communication with simple text can be quite challenging. You will be able to send a message, but you will not be able to hit the correct tone or the person who gets it will not understand it in the way you want it to sound. If you just type “I’m running late!” the recipient might get upset but add something like this 🕗😱🏃‍♀️ and you might bring a smile to someone’s face.

With a larger number of Emoji, you are getting more options for expressing emotions in different situations. As a result, we are getting better communication.

All we need now is for UNICODE to allow the “hold down 🍟 to trigger options for poutine, tater tots, and chips” and it will be perfect.

All developers and public beta testers will be able to get these new emoji during the next week as the iOS 11.1 Beta 2 is ready to be launched.