Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers 31-35 – Stats

We saw some incredible moves from Aaron Rodgers in the past, and he produced his magic again on Sunday against Dallas Cowboys. The America’s Team is also partially to blame as they left too much time for this guy and it seems that this season might be slipping from their hands.

Game of football is amazing, and it is possible to make few incredible moves and completely turn around the course of the match. When we saw that brilliant Dak Prescot 11-yard rush for touchdown and Cowboys lead, not many did think about the possibility for Rodgers to come back with only 1:13 left on the clock.

The whole stadium went crazy and started celebrating, but it was still far from over. Aaron and his crew took over the field and used that 1:13 to make few great plays and win the game.

Green Bay Packers quarterback needed only 1:02 to execute nine plays for 75 yards and to change the scoreboard to 35:31. The final blow was delivered by Rodger’s hand as he threw a 12-yard pass to Davante Adams that was previously prevented to catch the ball by rookie cornerback Jourdan Lewis, but this time it was better pass and better position for Packers wide receiver.