Hurricane Irma is rushing towards the US President Donald Trump’s Caribbean estate


Hurricane Irma, rushing towards the Caribbean Islands, with the winds reaching 300 kilometers per hour, could destroy the US President Donald Trump’s Caribbean estate.

According to the Independent, Trump has several properties in the Caribbean and Florida, precisely located in those places that will be hit by Irma, which reached the fifth, highest category on a scale that measures hurricane strength yesterday.


To describe it vividly, the area that Irma currently occupies in the sky is larger than the state of Ohio. One journalist described this hurricane as the “beast.” On Irma’s path, which has already begun to batter the Caribbean islands, stands a Trump multi-millionaire villa, located on the island of St. Martin.

The villa is named The Castle of the Palms. According to the Independent, the luxury villa has 11 bedrooms, and today its worth is around $ 30 million. His second villa is located in Florida, and experts fear that the hurricane could hit this area and cause catastrophic consequences.