Hyundai Creta STC pick-up concept debuted at 2016 Sao Paulo Auto Show!

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The people at Hyundai are incredible. Just when we thought that they couldn’t surprise us with more things this year, they go and pull out something else from their sleeves. This time it’s the Hyundai Creta STC (Sport Truck Concept) which is somewhat derived from the road going Creta SUV.

With this one, Hyundai is aiming at rivals such as Renault Duster Oroch and Fiat Toro, and just what they got on them is showcased at the 2016 Sao Paulo Auto Show where the Creta STC is on display. This one has been designed and developed at the Hyundai Design Center in South Korea, and it is conceived in a way that it will appeal to the younger generations. The design is slick and futuristic, and kinda really looks developed for the younger buyers. Creta STC’s measurements are 4.65 meters in length, 1.85 meters in width and 1.63 meters in height while it sits on a wheelbase measuring 2.80 meters. Its bed is 1.30 meters long and 1.29 meters wide and has a boot volume that stands at 850 liters, which is admirable.

The sportiness in its name is added with the introduction of 21” wheels fitted with Pirelli 295/40 R21 Scorpion Zero tires. The exterior, besides the wheels, is boosted with headlights equipped with LED lamps, an imposing bumper design and a host of chrome accents, while the interior is very spacious and offers a lot of versatility. If you think that it kinda looks familiar, then you are right. The front of the Creta STC shown on 2016 Sao Paulo Auto Show resembles the Brazil spec Hyundai Creta very much, while its profile pulls more toward the Hyundai Santa Cruz pick up concept seen at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

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The engine powering this thing of beauty is a 1.6-liter Gamma outputting 130 HP and 120 lb-ft of torque, and the second option is the 2.0 L Nu four-cylinder engine that bumps up the figures to 150 hp and 148 lb-ft torque. So far that is all the info Hyundai offers, and they are still persistent in not disclosing whether this will remain only a concept or will it and when will it become a production vehicle.

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