Hyundai Gurnade Veloster Concept is Heading to SEMA Show, Las Vegas

New Concept vehicle will be far more aggressive comparing to the production 2017 Hyundai Veloster. Because of the wider truck, the concept will require custom-made fender flares. 19-inch three-piece gold wheels contribute the threatening looks and beautiful design.

The grille, front headlights, and fog lights are overhauled whereas carbon fiber will be used for parts such as front and rear spoilers, hood, hatch and side sills and the purpose of carbon is to reduce weight.

The interior, just like the exterior, is somewhat aggressive and Cobra Nogaro racing seats with raving harnesses are installed in the vehicle. This means that driver and the front passenger will be comfortable, but also ready for a race. Moreover, the car features a roll cage for protection as well as a strength of the vehicle.

In addition to that, a subwoofer-enhanced audio is a part of the vehicle, so it is not for races only! The passengers will be able to listen to pure and high-quality sounds.

Coil over shocks and six-piston brakes are fitted to the chassis. Besides, there is a strut bar, a tie brace and rear torsion bar all of which improve handling. Just like the chassis, there have been some upgrades to the engine too. The intercooler, cat-back exhaust, and air intake system are modified. The engine also comes with the new ECU tune.

Hyundai Gurnade Veloster Concept will be presented at the SEMA Show.