If You Want to go Clubbing, it is Best to go Prepared

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The world changes every day and will continue to change, even if we like it or not. Where once there were newspaper stands at every corner, there seem to be coffee shops now. Before, if you wished to have something exotic in your house, you were obliged to either travel to the country and bring it back yourself, or order it from a catalog. And believe it or not, there was once a time when you could go out and spend a night on the town and return home with money in your pocket.

When I was young, we used to go to clubs on the weekends for several different reasons. It could be somebody’s birthday to celebrate, maybe you wanted to show some new dance moves you have been practicing all week, or maybe you and your friends were just bored and wanted to go somewhere to have a couple of drinks. These being all very fair and legal reasons to go to a club, all you had to do was put on some nice clothes and go, and you were sure to have a good time.

Entering the club was usually either free or just a symbolic amount meant more for controlling the number of people inside that to fatten the owner’s pockets. Inside you had dancefloors where people weren’t stepping on each other’s toes with every step they made and the music was at a volume, where you could understand what the song was saying, but could also have a conversation without needing to be a professional lip reader.

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But sadly, as we all know, time only moves forward and with time comes change. And change isn’t always to the better.

Nowadays, if you want a newspaper, you will have to find a specialized store to sell it to you. If you desire some exotic artifact for your home, you are overwhelmed with so much product it is impossible to distinguish what is real and what is fake. And if you want to go clubbing, be prepared to take out a mortgage on your house.

Where the dancefloors were once filled with happy youths twisting and turning in the rhythm of the music, nowadays there are tables, which have to be reserved and pay for if you wish to enter the club. It has gone so far, that there are even clubs that don’t have dance floors. And the music is so loud it makes the idea of a table ironicle since it seems impossible to understand anybody who isn’t directly shouting in your ear. Making a conversation with somebody sitting opposite you impossible. 

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And since drinks are very overpriced in such establishments, why would one decide to go out clubbing nowadays?

Well, there are still reasons to go to clubs nowadays, even if you can’t imagine at the moment.

If you were in a city like London and did decide to try out the nightlife, first of all, always remember to wear your best attire. Even though if you have tables reserved by LondonVipTables.com, if you do not show up in the proper clothing, you will not be let inside. And please remember to reserve a table, otherwise, the bouncer will not let you pass either, because even though going out clubbing nowadays can cost you an arm and a leg, it is still one of the youths greatest ways to spend the weekend nights.

Bouncers nowadays adhere to strict door policy. You must be well dressed, be accompanied by your partner and arrive at a reasonably early hour to have any chance at entering any high classed establishment.

But the question still stands: why would anyone want to go clubbing anymore?

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It is all because of the shows and events the clubs offer for the entertainment of their guests.

Where once you would go dancing the night away you now sit in the dark and enjoy other people dance all night offering a spectacular show. 

Diving into the nightlife you will find amazing dance artist, twisting and turning to the rhythm in synchronism with their colleagues to offer a magical performance. You will find pyromancers and clowns offering hilarious and wonderful shows to distract you. And you will most definitely find the world’s most beautiful creatures dressed in whispers of fabric and only concealed by the dark. 

There are shows and events for any and every type of person to admire, as long as you remember to reserve your VIP table and dress to the max. And who knows, you might even find some hotshot celebrity sitting at the table next to you, enjoying some spectacular performance from the front row and make some new friends by the next morning.