What if… Tony Romo stays in Dallas?


Cowboys season is long over, and the team is now preparing for free agency and the upcoming draft. There are a lot of talks surrounding the Dallas roster, but one that stands out is the prolonged saga of Tony Romo.

The man that was Cowboys starting QB for more than a decade lost his job to a rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. Despite the fact that Romo was ready to play after coming back from injury Prescott had his place cemented behind the O-Line. He did, but that was the case in last season!

Moving back to Romo, he took the losing of starting place as a gentleman and mentored Dak through the season; he even acted as an offensive coordinator on occasions. Fair play by Romo but he was very clear about the next season, he wants a starting QB job, and he wants a run at the Super Bowl. There aren’t many franchises and possibilities for Tony, but few would love to have him at the helm via trade or through free agency.

Most notable are the Texans and the Broncos. Both teams are somehow a QB short of a run at Vince Lombardi Trophy, and this guy would fit in perfectly. We could hear him stating that he is ready to be traded, that he’s willing to take a team-friendly contract to facilitate trade and most of all that he is prepared to be released to find a club easily and that he can negotiate his contract once again.


In these last weeks, very few people talked about the possibility that Romo goes back to starting QB job in Dallas. After Prescott emerging as the only option trough the last season, the things could change in the next one. Why? Well, Jerry Jones talked about Rome with praise in his voice. This was the case through his entire career where the owner of the franchise was his biggest fan. The words that come out of Jerry’s mouth talk about his favorite QB as a Super Bowl quality player, about an excellent person and a leader.

Jones stated that any squad that acquires Romo has a chance of going to the Super Bowl. If any team can do it, then Dallas can do it too. Cowboys owner stated on many occasions during the season and in the offseason that this team was built for Romo. For that guy, not for Prescott! While the QB job was reserved for Dak during the last season after the end of the season, Jones talked and talked about Tony, but Prescott was not mentioned. Remember this is a man that cut Emmitt Smith, that cut Troy Aikman, and this could be the man that will give Romo back the starting quarterback job in Dallas.

Considering that Prescott is on the rookie contract and Romos’ willingness to restructure his contract, like Travis Frederick and Tyron Smith did, why not let Tony try and see what can he do with this squad. To us, it seems that both Romo and Jones were preparing us for this solution with their recent talk to the press.

Let’s wait for free agency to start and see what happens but just for a moment picture Jerry Jones saying this: Tony Romo is Dallas starting QB for 2017 NFL season. Well, something, and you know what, could hit the fan.