Alpine A120 prototypes enjoy the night Paris cruise

Alpine is sure taking its slow sweet time to unveil their latest sports car which is still in prototype form. The Renault-owned brand decided (thankfully) to test their vehicles on the streets of Paris under bright lights, a cover of the dark and hefty amount of camo that made the life and job of spy photographers a nightmare who despite all of that managed to do their job nicely. This is actually a “last ride” for these vehicles before they are revealed to the broad public as Alpine’s latest models, at least according to the company.

The spy shots that were taken before these show that the form and design of the production 2017 Alpine A120 will be very close to the brand’s concepts and as we can see on these shots that still hasn’t changed. The engineers made sure that the design of the vehicle is not there to serve aesthetics but to have a major role when car’s aerodynamics are in question.

To give you an example, the all-aluminum platform that carries the Alpine A120 has an entirely flat floor for lower drag coefficient while the rear diffuser fitted in the rear bumper has a task of improving the airflow. When you combine a precise aerodynamics with a low weight, gained by very smart savings like body-hugging seats which are as much as 50% lighter than all other in the segment, you get a fast and nimble sports vehicle which looks and feels incredible.

The driving force of the A120 is, according to some reports, going to be a 1.8 L turbo engine, while other sources claim it will be powered by a larger 2.0-liter unit. Either way, this light sports car with the incredible design is going to be able to rocket from 0-62 MPH in just 4.5 seconds. If everything you have read here sounds good to you, and if it draws you closer to the A120 than you should place an early reservation for the Premiere Edition of the car which is already available through application.

The Renault-owned brand decided to limit production of this special edition vehicle to only 1.995 units which is a number that represents the year when Alpine was established. Deliveries are expected to start sometimes at the end of the year.

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